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  • About ArcheAge Products
  • Welcome to a New Era in ArcheAge! With the Archeage Heroes Awaken, now you can become a Hero, upgrade your homes, lead your guild to war through Guild Dominion challenges, and much more. For a full list of new features, it is high time to gain cheap Archeage Gold online and head over to the new servers. Since the ArcheAge servers are open and Update 2.0! Now is your chance to rise as a Hero and lead your faction to glory. So you definitely need large amount of Archeage Gold to upgrade your homes, arm your new heroes, and so on.

    Many Archeage players now usually with fretfulness when they have no enough Archeage Gold to buy the House in game. Especially they have met one that he found. And we know that the house often costs a lot of Archeage Gold. Even though we know that the house also can be changed by the stars and honors in game. But you need to gather a so large number of stars or honors that may cause you to desperate since you need to wait for a really long time.

    Archeage is not only a MMO to fight and beat in game, what is the most amazing thing is that it is really a majestical world that you can adventure more with the humanized set and interesting communication of NPC. So come on, buy Archeage Gold on wswo with a low price. We provide customers a 7*24 hours online service that we can delivery your Archeage Gold as soon as possible.

  • ArcheAge News

Based on the official news of Archeage, we know that from September 12 to October 10, 2015, Archeage team is celebrating their biggest content update, Heroes Awaken, with huge rewards for all of their players and everyone will receive his very own Griffon mount. If you need more awsome mount, you can buy Archeage Gold form web shop to exchange one.


On September 12, your character with the highest level can get one of three special reward packs via the mail. Individuals you get will depend on whether, a returning hero who hasn’t drenched looking for four weeks or maybe more or our steadfast veterans.

In addition, if you have spent $1.00 or maybe more on any Trion game (Rift, ArcheAge, Chest, Defiance, or Devilian) or are a dynamic ArcheAge patron, you can get some good extra items as Archeage team approach to saying appreciate supporting them.

The rewards are divided into three series for loyal veterans, returning heroes, and those who just join Archeage for the first time. The details are as follows. If these items packs are not enough for you, you can gain some Archeage Gold to exchange more in game.

The loyal veterans are truly our heroes. The Archeage team appreciates all of players’ efforts in Erenor! To honor your achievements, you’ll receive each of the following items in the mail:

Untamed Royal Griffin Mount – Temporary for 30 days. Can be made permanent through the Soul Sworn Chest.
“Soul Sworn” title – Gives +1% loot drop rate, +1% exp, and +1% PvE damage.
Anniversary Cloak – Provides +15 to all stats.
Day 1 Soul Sworn Chest

Anyone who has spent over $1.00 or are an active Patron will receive the following extra items:

2 extra Player Appreciation Coins
+7 days of patron time added to their account.

If you need more information about the rewards, just visit the official website. Remember to buy more Archeage Gold to enter the 2.0.

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