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  • The New Strategy on Guild Wars 2 Gold ( GW2 Gold )

    Most of the gamers are interested in playing a Monk in Guild Wars 2 or healer class of other MMORPGs. The Guild Wars 2 team ensured the appealing of the archetypes and the healers possess separated sets of the archetypes that lead to the game less funny. The designers of the Guild Wars 2 team produced professions and Guild Wars 2 Gold to attract these kinds of players.

    Support gamers of Guild Wars 2 wish the game to be the most popular one with block attacks and combat, they prefer to encircle their allies swirling gusts be able to deflect projectiles. That is to click like a crazy on a life bar and you are able to observe its movement. And cheap GW2 gold can help your groupers a lot as necessary.

    If you have played the MMO like Guild Wars for a long time, sometimes you have to except for the occupations optimal configuration in order to continue to play it. Or you need to launched in Random Arena and the 2 groups each has 2 Monks, you the other group with a Monk and you not, you are aware 99% of the time after the battle, however, we know that the 4v4 Random Arena get a healer. Instead of being lowered to the two choices, assault the Monk priority or lose the ability to kill others, now you could decide your targets, the time you start to buy GW2 Gold and your defensive spells, applying the place of your decision on the battleground and so on. High-level PvE and PvP in the dark corners of Tyria, by the position of the World against World is this innovation strategic freedom that the develop team wanted to fight in Guild Wars 2.

    Now you may find the new strategy of playing Guild Wars 2, and know how useful the Guild Wars 2 Gold is. Now IGXE provide you guys cheap GW2 Gold with a professional service. IGXE will always be your backup and support you the GW2 gold. 7*24 customer services will always be standby.

    PvP Season 5 Changes:
    1. Overtime is added. Similar to American football, when tied at the end of conquest, the team that scores higher than the other after a scant 5 minutes will win
    2. League pip will be awarded based on wins / losses and are used as a mechanism for rewards
    3. better matchmaking that will focus on player matchmaking rating to increase the number of eligible opponents and reduce queues
    4. leagues have been overhauled for better matchmaking, to be more rewarding and to give better information about skill levels
    5. personal score and top stats

  • Guild Wars 2 News

Guild Wars 2 Team has introduced Screaming Schedule of the ArenaNet for the Week of 16 July. The team, GW2 made a team with players to display their innovative and persuaded content of Guild Wars 2 upon the formal Twitch channel of Guild Wars 2. Now gamers can go through the scheduled programming of this week.  

the schedule of screaming




Gamers can find the streams for the week of 16 July. On Tuesday 17 July, Peachy Party (by AuroraPeachy) (English) occurs. It is to watch live at Aurora_Peachy. At 9 AM Pacific Time or UTC-7, games can discover Tyria with Peachy’s friendly community and there is the chatting about Guild Wars 2.


On Wednesday, 18 July, The Guild Wars 2 Art Shoe (by Marius Bota)(English) is to take place. At noon Pacific Time or UTC-7, it is to welcome Marius back for a new episode of the show. Gamer can also figure out all the past innovative artworks upon the Art show Flickr Album of Guild Wars 2. 


On Thursday, 19 July, there is to take place Guildnews Podcast (by Sputti) (German).  Gamers can watch live at Guildnews. At 10 A.M., Pacific Time or UTC-7, there is to appear the week in review with Guildnews crew. Under ArenaNet Livestream, it is to play Guild Wars 2 World versus World (English).  At 2:30 P.M. Pacific Time or UTC-7, gamers are to take part with the World versus World development team in the Mists for their weekly stream.


On Friday, 20 July, under ArenaNet Livestream, there appears Guild Chat Live at SDCC (English). At noon Pacific Time or UTC-7, there appears a special episode of Guild Chat, live from San Diego Comic Con.


On Saturday, 21 July, there takes place The Baldathon (by Jebro) (English).  At 10 A.M. Pacific Time or UTC-7, it is to observe live at Jebrounity. Jebro does have some giveaways at store for a gamer like one. It is to take part with him for some epochal times upon Twitch.  


On Sunday, 22 July, gamers can find Tyria’s Next Top Model (by Fashionfuchs) (German). At 9 A.M. Pacific Time or UTC-7, it is to observe live at Fashionfuchs. Fashionfuchs is searching the next top model of Tyria. If a gamer requires any assistance to convert the times into his own time zone, gamer can apply this tool. It is thanked to watch. 




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