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    The followings are the latest updates for the Final Fantasy XIV:

     [3.45]:  Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.45 brings a number of additions and refinements to the realm, including the levels 51-200 of the Palace of the Dead, a deep dungeon scoring system and the next step in the anima weapon chain.

    Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood : The latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV -  Stormblood  released on June.20 this year, bringing new Dungeons and Raids, along with a very pricey Collector's Edition.
    Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1, The Legend Returns, is out today, introducing many new quests, battles and other content updates. Read more about Patch 4.1 - The Legend Returns Finally Arrives, Adding New Quests, Raid To Final Fantasy XIV and get FFXIV Gil online.
    The Final Fantasy XIV Fans long-awaited update - Patch 4.2, titled Rise of a New Sun comes out today with a few changes to how the PvP portion of the game works, new subaquatic adventures, new dungeons, and loads more to freshen up the gameplay experience.

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The release of new player housing in Final Fantasy XIV has traditionally meant a craze dash for sparse land, followed by angry forum posts about how bad the housing system is. Due to new guidelines and restrictions limiting the amount of land players can own, today’s land expansion went relatively smoothly.

Previously, when the new housing plots were added to Final Fantasy XIV, they would all go on sale immediately. Players would flood the servers, causing all sorts of frustrating queues and crowds. The lack of limits on purchasable plots led to the fact like obscenely rich players buying up complete housing districts for their personal use, flippers buying plots for resale to players who can not get online in time, and an overall difficulty for anyone but the most well-prepared buyer getting a house at all.

But this morning, 1440 new plots were released in six new areas in the four housing areas of the game, and new rules and restrictions appeared. Players can now only own one plot of land for personal use and one plot for their Free Company (guild). Free Companies of four players or more are also limited to one piece of land, so if a player is in a Free Company with a conspiracy they can not buy another in the name of that Free Company. In order to limit the plot tflipping (buying a plot and reselling it for a profit), the land abandoned by its owner can not be purchased for a period of  time now.

The disadvantage is that the purchase of housing plots is currently limited to free company. Individuals who want to pick up personal plots (such as myself), have to wait for an indefinite period before dropping 3 million FFXIV Gil (in-game currency) in a place they call themselves. The reasoning I get - Free company houses are where players come together and commune, and they usually have private rooms where players can buy if they need their own space. Despite this, I can not help but be a little frustrated by clicking on a "for sale" sign and being told I was not eligible. This should be a fantasy world.

But overall, the release of new land has gone very smoothly. As of right now, a few hours after the server is listed, the new community starts to sell, and even in the more popular areas, there are still a large number of small-scale housing plots available and not a few mediums, even in the more popular districts.

Hopefully they will still be around when the private purchase embargo drops. Here you can buy ffxiv gil online with cheap price and fast delivery!



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