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  • About Guild Wars Products
  • GW Gold(Guild Wars Gold)is the money in the game Guild Wars that can be used to buy GW Items and trade to other players. GW Items (Guild Wars Items) is the set of necessary items that players could gain it in Guild Wars by finishing the missions. GW Power Leveling is the service that helps gamers to upgrade the level of their roles or gain some necssary items. GW CD Key (Guild Wars CD Key) is used to activate the game when players start to play it. GW Title Power Leveling is the service that helps the gamers to gain the title in game which includes so many various titles. Now wswo provide all the cheap GW Gold, GW Power Leveling, GW Items, GW CD Key, and GW Title Power Leveling for all the gamers.

    Guild Wars (GW) is an online 3D fantasy role-playing video games released in April of 2005 by ArenaNet once named Triforge through NCSoft. ArenaNet is a game company established by three people Patrick Wyatt, Mike O'Brien, and Jeff Strain, who were the key employer once in Blizzerd. Because it deviated from traditional MMORPG norms in a number of areas, like instancing all the gameplay areas, and that it focused more on player vs. player (PvP) combat than most online RPGs, that's why it was marketed as competitive online role-playing game. And also it provides two main modes of gameplay cooperative role-playing component and a competitive PvP component—both of which are hosted on ArenaNet's servers.

    wswo is an online website which provides the game services and game products for the gamers. There are various game products on our site and all of them with a reasonable price. Our site is operated by a mature and professional team that has being existed in game trade area about 10 years who can provide gamers the best service and brings players more fun in game. Our site is a trustable one gained a large amount of reputation in game trade business. We promise a fast delivery in 5 hours about the GW products and full refundment for our customers.
  • Guild Wars News

If you are a new player to Guild Wars 2, then you can learn one of the best ways to get the latest Guild Wars 2 patch. More, In our latest news, we chat with new players to guide them get gw2 gold fast. For Guild Wars 2, the latest patches include not only hundreds of changes to game specialization and elite specialization. This update also brings new items available in the cash store, especially the highly anticipated Ritualist Package and War Eternal Supply Drop Requisition.


Although Guild Wars 2 has so far observed two very popular and popular extensions - Fire Road and Heart of Thorns - this huge balance update has changed a lot in the game. In the original fierce battle, the ritualist class empowers the player to "guide the energy of other worlds, summon allies from the void, and use mysterious bound rituals to make these allies succumb to the ritualist's will. With balanced updates, the game styles that were not viable in the past may have been at the top. In any case, these changes provide a new experience for novices and returning players.


War Warternal Supply Drop Requisition is similar to the "Battle Pass" or "Season Ticket" in other games. Once purchased, War Eternal Supply Drop Requisition regularly rewards players for in-game items, including mounts, cosmetics, dyes, clothing, boosters, and even coupons for cash stores. However, unlike other "combat pass" items in other games, players don't need to do anything or perform any type of task to get rewards, making the application more similar to items paid before Tuesday through May. Ritualist course (no longer in Guild Wars 2), ArenaNet released the Ritualist Package - a clothing/skin suit that allows players to put on the original game Spirit Summoner level equipment again.

At first glance, the “balance patch” doesn't seem to be much. In addition to some well-thought-out digital adjustments, the update replaces some of the abilities, adds new effects to existing skills, and the overall goal is to make the game smoother. More enjoyable. Don't worry, most of these changes are more or less direct gains based on the patch description, so you can expect your character to be harder to hit, live longer, and play better overall after the patch.

How do you see the latest update for Guild Wars 2 ? Have you played the game since the patch went live? Will you attend the new Ritualist Armor Set to commemorate the Ritualist course in the original Guild Wars? What other changes do you want ArenaNet to make next? Please continue to pay attention to us, we will continue to bring large coupons about " cheap GW2 GOLD  " to new or old players at wswo.net, will not let you down.




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I have bought two items on you site, Oppressor's Longbow and Oppressor's Shortbow, which only takes me 9 USD, thanks a lot.

From Daniel Stevens   9/9/15

this is my first time buy guild wars ectos in this site , nice service and fast delivery, many thanks

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I love igxe, I have never been disappointed with the Guild wars service!.

From   5/16/12

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