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  • World of Warcraft classic nostalgic clothing faithfully reproduces the original "World of Warcraft" - it can run more smoothly on the current computer, but it seems to return you to what you saw when you played "World of Warcraft" in 2006. Combat mechanics, classic character models, skill trees, and interactions with other players can give you a true original experience. When conquering the world, the trust between you and others was the core of the original "World of Warcraft" and the core of today's "World of Warcraft" classic nostalgia.

    -Experience the original game before the expansion of the expansion, return to the origin of everything.

    -Dedicated to the original Epic Hearts, Onyxia and Maraton - as the player advances, we will also update the Alterac Valley, the Battle of Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas And more.

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  • WOW Classic US News


World of Warcraft Classic publicity is beginning to work on top of things (re) discharge on August 26, and Blizzard has now opened up both the character creation framework and name reservation framework starting the previous evening, so you can attempt to guarantee your old WoW names there, or make new ones preceding they're snatched by others. 

To do this, you need a functioning WoW membership or late game time with World of Warcraft so as to qualify. In the event that you have that, at that point you can begin with the accompanying advances: 

This is altogether done through the Blizzard launcher. 

Stage 1: You need to install WoW if you don’t have it already.

Stage 2: Go to the WoW page and select World of Warcraft exemplary from the "Forms" page, and you will likewise need to choose your record. 

Stage 3: Pick which domain you need to play on. 

Stage 4: Go to Create a Character. You are permitted to make three characters right now for each dynamic WoW record, and you will pick their class, race and group, just as their name which you can hold for live discharge. When you make three, on the off chance that you need a do-over, you need to erase one. When you do, that name gets opened up once more, so you need to recover it.




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