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  • About Dark Age of Camelot Products
  • We should tell you that the days of having to make a character and class for each trade skill you wish to pursue have gone! Now, choosing a trade skill in Dark Age of Camelot no longer locks you out of working on other trade skills, and you can do any trade skill with any class in game. Is that awesome? Now DAOC Platinum is also very randomly be used in game that may helps you a lot on trade skills. With Patch 1.89, players may now hit Legendary Grandmaster of all major trade skills on every single character. Besides getting help from buying DAOC Platinum, also, now crafting in the Main Cities of your realm adds bonuses to crafting! When crafting in Dark Age of Camelot, Tir na Nog, or Jordheim, gamers can receive a 10% bonus to crafting speed, and a 5% bonus to skill gain chance for all trade skills. That is to say, gamers will no longer need to invest in a smith's hammer, sewing kit, planing tool, spellcraft kit, mortar and pestle, or alchemy kit in order to craft. You just need to be standing near the forge, alchemy table or lathe.

    There is another important thing in Dark Age of Camelot, Secondary Skills. Secondary Skills points are usually gained while leveling and using your main craft. The only secondary skills worth leveling up are: woodworking, clothworking, metalworking, and leatherworking. Skills points actually just a possibility for your crafting, we know that the fastest way to help you well play in game is using DAOC Platinum. There are several uses for these skills. They allow players to salvage more efficiently and with higher quality items (such as with metalworking, arcanium hinges or jewelry boxes). With the introduction of the Darkness Rising client, you are now able to craft Horse Armor (1000 in metalworking), Barding (1000 in clothworking), and Saddle Bags (1000 in leatherworking) as well. Woodworking helps in repairing keeps and towers, in which you will also gain Realm Points for successful repair.

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  • Dark Age of Camelot News

Each kingdom does have a distinct; however, there is the introduction of parallel storyline. It is expanded with the retailing expansions. The distributors of Europe can infrequently append their writings and quests regarding the kingdom along with their residents. In the actual kingdom zones, the tiny cities in the kingdom require protection against the monsters and they are usual to huge other Role-playing games. Undead threatened Albion whilst Morgana ascended it. The Unseelie Court and Siabra tear Hibernia. The treacherous Blodfelag also tears it. The online gaming house offers DAOC Platiunm to the gamers of DAOC to start powering the character.

Shrouded Isles indicates that each kingdom is known to aid a tinier allied kingdom against a big rival. In Albion, the Drakoran have besieged the ultimate strongholds of Avalonians of Lady Lile. Hiberiana takes the assistance of Hybrasil. In which, the Sylvans face the troubles at the hands of the Fomorians. The ancestral home of Midgards at Aegir has had the Last of the Troll Fathers captured by the Morvalt. This expansion has gone free now.

Trials of Atlantis indicate that there are the ruins of Atlantis have been explored and a portal to another plane in which the olden Atlanteans experienced their trials. It is to see how Atlantis did arrive to its conclusion and what kind of power was left behind. The trails stayed in a kind twisted by the passage of time. There is the departure of the denizens of Atlantis. The olden artifacts are to wait to be explored and it is to have their power along with secrets as the learned scholars disclosed it. The known figures from Greek and Egyptian mythology let their look in a new land to be explored. This expansion is gone free. The gamers can buy DAOC Platiunm from the professional online gaming house to make the character powerful with the best available weapons and armors.

There is the appearance of a nemesis that has had the direction of the power within the Darkspire. It is the gaining of the controlling the most of the denizens of an underground race of kingdom. Arwan in the past mentioned as an ally of the Avalonians and patron of the Inconnu has got his kingdom infested by revolting dead and enslaved inconnu. The Shar are only able to keep their grounds at the gates of their otherworld citadel. The Kobolds have been propelled to open the secrets of the under-city to outsiders in a frantic bid for the continued existence. The gamers can avail DAOC Platiunm for sale at the online gaming house to alleviate the initial crisis of Platinum. There are other expansions including Darkness Rising, and Labyrinth of the Minotaur.



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