WoW Patch 7.3 Will Be The Last Major Patch of Legion

Posted time: Aug 29,2017

Since the first tease of WoW patch 7.3 back at BlizzCon 2016, there has been a question as to whether it was the final of Legion. It seems to be an appropriate place to end it, but that has not stopped Blizzard from putting a bonus raid at the end of an  expansion before. Speaking to game director Ion Hazzikostas today at Gamescom, we confirmed that it was the last major content patch of Legion, but that does not mean everything was fine.

Here are all we know about WoW patch 7.3.

"It is the last major patch, yes.In terms of large outdoor zones to explore, big raid tier, dungeon, that sort of thing," he explained. "It's not the end of the story of Legion, though. I think something that we've been very happy with over the course of the year and in last year was the way we've told a story that's unfolding through a continuous series of content updates."

For context, this involves the things like raids and patches being split off, sobig ten-week campaigns like the one that lead up to the opening of the Nighthold were also possible. Even before that, Legion has been one of the more story-centered WoW expansions, with a lot of new technology to enable it.

"Some big, some small, some not even patches," Hazzikostas continues. "Just a couple of weeks ago, when Argus suddenly appeared in the skies over the world, or Doomsayers filled the streets of Dalaran and a new quest became available. We like to be able to deliver content and advance the story through a variety of means and ideally not have any seeming gap or lull in that content flow."

To read between these lines a little here, this may mean that we will not see a huge gap between the expansions  as has been the case every time up until now. The hints and teases for what is assumed to be an Old God-based follow-up have already begun - we can assume that things will get more purple and tentacley between now and 8.0.

It also does not rule out a 7.3.5, the small (er) patches Blizzard has been used to pepper in the rebalance and mini-feature, from questlines to three-boss raids. Within a few months, BlizzCon is expected to have some news on that - or expansion, or both.

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