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Aegwynn - Alliance

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Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy-(lvl1000)(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 7.19
Rethu's Incessant Courage-(lvl1000)(waist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 8.89
The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge-(lvl1000)(feet of leather)- NEW    USD$ 9.79
Vigilance Perch-(lvl1000)(hands of mail)- NEW    USD$ 9.79
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl985(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 230.79
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl985(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 230.79
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl985(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 212.99
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl985(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 248.59
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl985(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 230.79
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl980(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 145.49
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl980(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 175.69
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl980(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 157.89
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl980(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 157.89
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl980(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 127.69
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl980(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 157.89
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl980(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 284.09
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl980(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 145.49
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl980(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 145.49
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl980(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 145.49
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl975(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 97.49
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl975(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 111.69
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl975(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 97.49
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl975(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 97.49
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl975(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 140.09
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl975(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 97.49
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl975(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 111.69
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl975(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 157.89
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl975(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 97.49
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl975(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 86.79
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl975(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 140.09
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl975(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 97.49
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl970(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 58.39
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl970(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 86.79
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl970(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 76.09
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl970(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 65.49
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl970(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 97.49
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl970(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 58.39
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl970(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 76.09
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl970(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 118.79
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl970(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 76.09
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl970(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 58.39
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl970(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 97.49
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl970(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 65.49
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl965(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 40.59
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl965(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 61.89
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl965(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 40.59
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl965(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 35.29
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl965(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 68.99
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl965(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 35.19
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl965(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 44.09
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl965(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 61.89
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl965(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 44.09
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl965(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 35.19
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl965(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 58.39
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl965(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 40.59
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl960(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 26.39
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl960(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 40.59
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl960(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 29.89
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl960(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 25.79
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl960(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 51.29
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl960(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 25.79
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl960(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 31.69
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl960(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 40.59
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl960(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 33.79
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl960(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 24.59
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl960(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 40.59
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl960(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 25.79
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl955(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 22.79
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl955(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 29.89
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl955(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 22.79
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl955(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 20.49
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl955(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 40.59
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl955(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 20.49
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl955(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 24.89
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl955(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 35.29
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl955(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 22.79
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl955(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 21.39
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl955(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 29.89
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl955(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 20.49
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl950(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 16.09
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl950(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 21.39
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl950(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 17.79
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl950(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 13.39
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl950(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 28.09
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl950(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 15.19
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl950(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 19.19
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl950(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 24.59
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl950(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 19.19
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl950(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 15.69
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl950(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 20.99
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl950(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 15.19
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl945(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl945(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 15.69
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl945(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 12.49
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl945(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl945(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 15.69
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl945(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 12.49
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl945(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 15.19
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl945(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 15.69
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl945(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl945(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl945(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 15.69
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl945(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 9.79
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl940(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 10.69
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl940(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 13.89
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl940(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 10.69
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl940(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 10.69
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl940(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 13.89
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl940(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 10.69
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl940(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 13.39
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl940(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 13.89
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl940(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 9.79
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl940(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 10.69
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl940(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 13.89
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl940(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 8.09
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl935(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 8.59
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl935(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl935(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 9.79
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl935(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 8.09
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl935(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl935(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 8.59
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl935(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 10.69
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl935(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 12.09
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl935(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 8.89
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl935(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 8.59
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl935(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 11.59
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl935(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 7.19
Impenetrable Garothi Breastplate-lvl930(chest of plate)- NEW    USD$ 6.29
Wristguards of the Dark Keepers-lvl930(wrist of plate)- NEW    USD$ 10.39
Hulking Demolisher Legplates-lvl930(legs of plate)- NEW    USD$ 8.09
Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate-lvl930(chest of mail)- NEW    USD$ 6.29
Wristguards of Ominous Forging-lvl930(wrist of mail)- NEW    USD$ 10.69
Greaves of the Felblade Defenders-lvl930(legs of mail)- NEW    USD$ 6.29
Leggings of the Sable Stalkers-lvl930(legs of leather)- NEW    USD$ 10.39
Sinuous Kerapteron Bindings-lvl930(wrist of leather)- NEW    USD$ 10.69
Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads-lvl930(shoulder of leather)- NEW    USD$ 8.09
Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies-lvl930(hands of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 8.09
Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers-lvl930(wrist of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 10.39
Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers-lvl930(shoulder of cloth)- NEW    USD$ 6.29
Fel-Flecked Grips(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 104.59
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 104.59
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 104.59
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 104.59
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 104.59
Treads of Violent Intrusion(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 104.59
Wakening Horror Spaulders(lvl945)- NEW    USD$ 104.59
Fel-Flecked Grips(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 86.79
Acolyte's Abandoned Footwraps(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 86.79
Sash of the Unredeemed(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 86.79
Soul-Rattle Ribcage(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 86.79
Treads of Panicked Escape(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 86.79
Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp(lvl940)- NEW    USD$ 86.79