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    The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing survival horror video game described by its designers as "dark fantasy" and set in the modern day real world by developer Funcom Ragnar Tornquist is the creative director of the game for Xbox, PC platform. Three factions: Templar , Illuminati, Nagas .These three factions against each other, while they will cooperate to resist all kinds of evil creatures. Faction determines your roadmap and special rewards, and it won't be changed once selected.

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  • The Secret World News

The Secret World has been updated to bring the Enhanced Player Experience online. In the update of the game, players can challenge plenty of its innovative content. For example, they can have a chance to kill monsters quickly, start a new character with two starter weapons, get improved rewards and have over five hundred abilities overhauled. To enjoy the enhanced player experience easily, you can buy cheap TSW gold. What enhances the player's experience in the game?

The Secret World

Snappier Combats is to reduce the time to kill many monsters in The Secret World. The change will help players who are most interested in the story and puzzle solving progress through the game. Enhanced Tutorial like the starter Decks now help players see the advantages of choosing Passive Abilities from all sorts of different Weapons. Players now get to choose two starter Weapons when they get Moreover, the rewards from regular Missions now give Talismans which mainly increase damage output and health.

In addition, the opening of Tokyo is a new subway for players to complete the Transylvania storyline. Besides, training has also been reduced to one session. Players will still need to own Issue 9 to continue the Tokyo story. Ability Rebalance also brings effects to enhance players' experience. For example, Area of effect (AoE) Abilities has received a more general change to make single target Abilities be a more viable option. Finally, quality of life can also enhance players' experience. For instance, Anima Leap allows fast travel between anima wells.



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