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  • About Rocket League Products
  • Rocket League is an online gameplay which as developed by the American Independent Game studio Psyonix.The game has received numerous praise at home and abroad after it launched, and the number of players repeatedly created a new high record. Up to now, the number of players around the world gets more than 30 million. Moreover, the Rocket League won over 150 international awards, including the TGA Sports Game of the Year and the Best Racing Game.

    On Nintendo Switch at E3 2017, Nintendo announced that Rocket League will come to the Switch platform. And the Switch version of Rocket League will be available during the Christmas Holidays in 2017.

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    Rocket League Anniversary Update Patch 1.35 has gone live since last Wednesday, July 5, at 6 p.m.EST, and the game players now are able to play in a new arena known as the Champions Field, where public or private matches are set. The Update gave away lots of freebies, including new 'Rick and Morty' Items, and the "Rick and Morty" content update includes collectible toppers for characters like Cromulon, Mr. Poopy Butthole, Mr. Meeseeks, and a separate Rick or Morty antenna. 

  • Rocket League News

The well-liked Car Sports game, Rocket League is going to seize a Jurassic World DLC Pack. Gamers can download two Jeep Wranglers along with Jurassic World blue and decals of Jurassic Park team in orange. 


Gamers can find the pre-historic add-on of Rocket League. There is the well-liked car sports game and it is going to have a Jurassic World DLC Pack. While considering the actual diehards in the spectators, gamers can figure out both vehicles that are to have the shares with striking box from the player-chosen “Octane Car”.  The cars are to appear with distinct wheels and engine audio. Based on the claiming of Rocket League, the cars are to be a spitting image of the Jeeps and this image is derived from the films. There is an overwhelming new goal as it is the bang in the shape of a T-rex. It is also incorporated in the pack. There is the conclusion of a themed topper including banners of three player and three antennas. The price of DLC is $1.99 and it is to be obtainable upon all platforms from 18 June. 


Individuals around the world are making team on one occasion to present one of the most famous movie franchises for all time of Rocket League.  The Jurassic World Car Pack DLC is to be obtainable on 18 June at the cost of $1.99 on all consoles while characterizing new items. These items are to remind everybody in the area while Dinosaurs were directing the Earth.  The Jeep Wrangler is characterizing both Jurassic World and Jurassic Park Decals while relying upon the selected team and match of gamer. The Jeep Wrangler is certain to make devotees become pleased in both areas including old and new Jurassic Park.


The Jeep Wrangler also appears with its own distinct Wheels and Engine Audio while preparing gas-run Jeep with a spitting image of the cars being derived from the films. Now, it is the time for gamers to get into the Tyrannosaurus spirit with other Battle-Cars. Life spots a path and it is the “T. rex” Goal explosion as well. It is certain to provide Dr. Ian Malcolm some painful flashbacks. The Rocket League is continuing its current custom of launching add-ons themed around the icons of pop culture. It is releasing a Jurassic World Car pack on 18 June that makes surprise. It covers Jeep Wranglers and it is the kind that gamer might find roaming around Isla Nublar. At the pinnacle of accurate blue team as Jurassic World and red team as Jurassic Park vehicle skins, gamer is to figure out a firm hat topper, flags, and accurate banner. It also includes nods to InGen and Mr. DNA along with a roaring T. Rex goal cartoon.  



It is not the question of having another subtle plug for Jurassic World like Fallen Kingdom. Individuals suspect that the novelty would exhaust the tenth times while making a goal with rocket-run Jeep. The price of the pack is only $2. To overcome the shortage of Crates in Rocket League, gamers can opt to buy cheap Rocket League Crates online. 




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