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Aether    LIMITED USD$ 39.18
Alchemist    COMMON USD$ 2.21
Almas    COMMON USD$ 1.90
Apex    LIMITED USD$ 171.90
ARA-51    EXOTIC USD$ 3.79
ARA一51    EXOTIC USD$ 7.62
Asterias    RARE USD$ 2.10
Balla-Carrà    EXOTIC USD$ 6.32
Carriage    USD$ 2.99
Cauldron    IMPORT USD$ 2.53
Chakram    VERYRARE USD$ 11.38
Christmas Wreath    IMPORT USD$ 3.79
Chrono    EXOTIC USD$ 12.64
Clockwork    EXOTIC USD$ 7.58
Dieci    COMMON USD$ 4.42
Discotheque    EXOTIC USD$ 26.54
Draco    EXOTIC USD$ 3.39
Equalizer    EXOTIC USD$ 17.70
Falco    COMMON USD$ 2.10
Fireplug    VERYRARE USD$ 5.06
FSL    IMPORT USD$ 13.90
Gaiden    VERYRARE USD$ 6.32
Grimalkin    VERYRARE USD$ 5.06
Hikari P5    EXOTIC USD$ 6.32
Hiro    IMPORT USD$ 5.06
Infinium    EXOTIC USD$ 60.67
Invader    COMMON USD$ 2.53
K2    EXOTIC USD$ 2.26
Kalos    EXOTIC USD$ 17.70
Lobo    EXOTIC USD$ 3.16
Looper    EXOTIC USD$ 26.54
Lowrider    COMMON USD$ 1.52
Neptune    COMMON USD$ 2.53
Ninja    LIMITED USD$ 12.64
Nipper    EXOTIC USD$ 5.06
Octavian    COMMON USD$ 2.53
Peppermint    EXOTIC USD$ 12.64
Photon    EXOTIC USD$ 15.17
Pulsus    EXOTIC USD$ 13.90
Razzle    EXOTIC USD$ 64.46
Revenant    EXOTIC USD$ 7.58
Roulette    EXOTIC USD$ 13.90
Saptarishi    EXOTIC USD$ 5.35
Septem    EXOTIC USD$ 10.11
Septem    EXOTIC USD$ 10.11
Spiralis    EXOTIC USD$ 10.11
Spyder    COMMON USD$ 2.21
Stern    COMMON USD$ 1.90
Sunburst    COMMON USD$ 6.32
Trahere    COMMON USD$ 1.52
Triplex    EXOTIC USD$ 6.32
Troika    EXOTIC USD$ 2.53
Tunica    COMMON USD$ 5.06
Turbine    EXOTIC USD$ 6.32
Veloce    COMMON USD$ 2.53
Voltaic    EXOTIC USD$ 17.70
Vortex    COMMON USD$ 2.53
Wonderment    EXOTIC USD$ 53.09
Yuzo    EXOTIC USD$ 2.53
Zeta    EXOTIC USD$ 1.68
Zomba    EXOTIC USD$ 13.90
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