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  • About RIFT: Planes of Telara
In Rift, Servers are called Shards. Each Shard has a type which controls some rules and some guidelines.

PvE - Player vs. Environment - Players pit themselves against monsters and the dangers of the world but may not attack and kill other players, not even players of opposite faction, unless both players explicitly flag themselves for PvP. If auto-flagging is on, any hostile action against an opposing player, or helpful action to a player that is PvP-flagged, will flag you!

PvP - Player vs. Player - The hunting and killing of players of opposite faction is not only allowed but is encouraged. No flagging is required.

PvE-RP/PvP-RP - Role-Playing Preferred - Same as PvE or PvP, above, but Role-Playing is encouraged.
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