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Chinese get to watch the movie 'Warcraft' first

Chinese get to watch the movie 'Warcraft' first

Posted time: May 09,2016

The premiere of the "Warcraft" movie in China will be on June 8, which earlier than the film's release in the U.S. So Chinese will watch the movie first. Buy WOW gold on igxe.com.

China is getting the first screening of the movie earlier than the rest because Legendary wants to take advantage of the insane popularity of Blizzard Entertainment's role-playing game "World of Warcraft" there.

For the uninitiated, the "Warcraft" movie was based on the hit MMORPG. Players of the said game in China -- they play a censored version of the game with less violent elements in it -- make up half of the game's entire community, which is why it is important for Legendary Pictures to debut the film there.

Also, the studio serves as a subsidiary of Wanda Group, which is headquartered in China, since the beginning of the year -- a fact that also paved the way for these extra two days of "Warcraft" movie viewings.

The "Warcraft" film is predicted to perform well in the country, and fans from the most populated country in the world are expected to spend their Dragon Boat Holiday (a minor Chinese public holiday), which falls on June 9, watching the film.

As the release date of the video game movie nears, Legendary has been doubling its efforts to market the Travis Fimmel-led adaptation. Just recently, two promos centering on Garona and Khagdar were released.

Ben Schnetzer's Khagdar was featured in the newer clip, where it shows his power that seems to originate from the glowing body art on his forearm. In "World of Warcraft," Khagdar acts as Medivh's apprentice and is presumed dead in the video game canon.

The second "Warcraft" promo focuses on Garona, played by Paula Patton. In the short clip, the half-orc warrior shows her boldness and skills by taking on a group of orcs without breaking a sweat.

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