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Fans Clamor for Blizzard to Open World of Warcraft Servers

Fans Clamor for Blizzard to Open World of Warcraft Servers

Posted time: Apr 25,2016

An open petition was released online that asked Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft to open their legacy servers. Over 200,000 people signed the petition which was sought after the private server Nostalrius was shuttered in early April. A cease and desist order was issued by Blizzard entertainment, sparking the action by those who signed the petition.


Former World of Warcraft lead, Mark Kern, is working with the protestors to deliver the petition to Blizzard President Mike Morhaime. Kern made a post to Twitlonger, explaining in detail the open letter that he created and wrote to Morhaime addressing he petition. In the video, he explains that he has asked for a phone call from the Blizzard President, either to his “cell or office” phone as soon as is convenient.


In the video, Kern thanks fans for supporting the petition and for being early supporters of World of Warcraft. He goes on to point out that they were the ones who make the game happen and that he will continue to support their actions through the entire process.

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This petition comes at a bad time, as Blizzard is about the release the Legion expansion pack on August 30 of this year, and does not want to have any negative publicity taking away from the excitement and buzz the company is trying to create with the sixth expansion pack in the long running game’s life.


Blizzard is hoping that the talk will be about the future of the game and its coming upcoming expansion pack, but having Kern supporting the petition is something that the company was not hoping to see happen.


When World of Warcraft was first released it became a huge phenomenon in the gaming world, as millions of people flocked to play the game. It became one of the most passionately played games on the planet.


Nastralius became Vanilla WoW’s most popular private server, holding the 1.12 Drums of War version. With the help of volunteers, Nostralius became the most popularly used private server. However, Blizzard made them shutdown as of April 10. The outrage was because none of the 110,000 active players using the server were required to pay money to use the server, and Blizzard had a very limited control of the data and the game. The fact that it could handle 11,000 concurrent players on one server at one time made it the best private server hosting the game.


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