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Blizzard says they "failed horrifically" around the cancelled Titan MMO

Blizzard says they "failed horrifically" around the cancelled Titan MMO

Posted time: Apr 22,2016

Blizzard designer Jeff Kaplan has opened up about working on Titan, the cancelled MMO that was positioned because the studio's successor to Planet of Warcraft. The project was officially announced in December 2010, but remained shrouded in secrecy before in the end getting cancelled in September 2014. Small has been discussed about it after its cancellation, until now.


Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, Kaplan said Titan's improvement team "failed horrifically," an knowledge that was unfamiliar to developers that had previously helped craft some of Blizzard's greatest titles.


"You had a seriously awesome group that was operating on Titan," he stated. "They have been seriously talented individuals, but we failed horrifically in each way ... In every way that a project can fail. It was devastating.


In the silence soon after Titan's collapse, the group found itself feeling the stress of producing up for its failure, particularly as sturdy new projects joined Blizzard's stable of successes.


"Pressure came from all directions," Kaplan continued. "Not that anyone was outwardly placing stress on us, but due to the fact you're utilized to undertaking nicely and succeeding ... obtaining a moment where you didn't do nicely was pretty much like an embarrassment. Here you have got these great projects like StarCraft, Heroes on the Storm, Hearthstone, Globe of Warcraft, and then you are sitting around the smoking pile of a cancelled project.


"Nobody said a word, everyone was super supportive, but I assume there was this inward embarrassment of like, 'No, we have to have to prove that we're worthy of getting at Blizzard too. We can make anything that tends to make the company proud.' It was a trying time period and there was a lot of pressure. The group is employed to stress, but in no way very at that magnitude, and it helped to forge us within a large amount of strategies."


In the fallout, Titan's improvement group found itself undertaking some soul searching and, ultimately, that shared expertise of failure gave rise to a stronger drive to rebound with something new.


"We saw it as a final likelihood. We use the phrase frequently, 'You're only as very good as your last game,' so you don't get significant headed - my most current game was an utter failure referred to as Titan that got cancelled.


"[We asked], 'What can I do next to prove that's not who I'm?' Getting that amount of self-assurance shattered is shocking. But within a weird way, it was by far the most bonding moment for this group. It was sort of a crisis of self-assurance and identity, exactly where you start off to ask yourself, 'Did we drop it? Do we not know who not know who we're any longer? Are we not capable of making a fantastic game anymore?'


GameSpot are going to be publishing a series delving into the creation of Overwatch, that is Blizzard's first new IP in 17 years. Over the course of three episodes, Danny O'Dwyer talks to key developers in regards to the inception of Overwatch, further explores the failed Titan project, and discusses how the team is channelling classic on the web shooters. Watch episode 1 above.


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