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The Reason Why World of Warcraft’s Decrease of Subscriptions Will Not Be a Fear

The Reason Why World of Warcraft’s Decrease of Subscriptions Will Not Be a Fear

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Posted time: Nov 04,2015

Recently, an author has published a article about “Activision No Longer Has To Fear Declining 'World of Warcraft' Subscriptions” online which attracts large amount of readers. Our webshop IGXE.com is selling WOW Gold with fast delivery.


He said that two items of news were hidden in Activision’s grand announcement that they are purchasing mobile games giant King to have an eye-popping $5.9B. The very first is that WOW monthly subscriptions have again ticked lower, this time around to five.5M, the second reason is that Activision is no more likely to be confirming WOW subscription amounts whatsoever, showing that they are not expecting terribly great news from here forward.

The Five.5M number is nearly holding steady from last quarter when WOW had 5.6M subs, however that number symbolized a loss of revenue of 44% of total customers from sixth several weeks earlier, after gamers had finished the most recent expansion and once more left the overall game for eco-friendly pastures.

Half about ten years ago, this could have been similar to the apocalypse for Activision that has had a truly enormous quantity of revenue tangled up in WOW monthly subscriptions. The overall game was undoubtedly the greatest cash cow for the organization, and also the player base now staying close to some third of the items it was once signifies an enormous loss. Trust that you can buy WOW Gold here with cheap price. It’s nearly unattainable gamers to enroll in subscription-based games within this era, therefore, the change of recent MMOs to free-to-play, and also the general turn from the genre generally, as seen by Blizzard themselves scrapping their next planned MMO, Project Titan, and making it an arena shooter.

However, there’s really absolutely nothing to be everything concerned about, for any couple of reasons.

That’s still lots of Warcraft Money --- WOW Gold

The author is frankly amazed that Wow still even has 5.5M customers, even when time signifies a large downward change from years past. With the amount of other games available, Blizzard has handled to help keep Warcraft appealing to a proper base of gamers, a lot of whom appear like they will build up before the finish, in the event that ever really comes. Well WOW Gold may be a necessary point on game play. 5.5M monthly subscriptions continue to be a large quantity of revenue, and never minor to Activision’s main point here.

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