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Thousands of World of Warcraft Gnomes Race Raid The Orc Capital

Thousands of World of Warcraft Gnomes Race Raid The Orc Capital

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Posted time: Oct 29,2015

As we know that the end of October is a time when every players in WOW is busy with various kinds of Halloween events, but it’s also a time when thousands of level 1 Gnomes meet up in Booty Bay every year and they all run to the other faction’s capital to have some fun. Also this is a time that buying WOW Gold online since many online shop now is selling the WOW Gold with discount to some extent.


We know that around 2,500 people showed up for the event this year, organized to raise awareness of breast cancer. Finally, it became a so spectacular march. Gamers don’t really see so many people—and so many Chauffeured Chopper mounts—together in the game nowadays. Well, that is pretty cool, so what are you waiting for? Just join World of Warcraft now and do not forget to buy WOW Gold for your characters!

It is said that this event is arranged by players for breast cancer awareness at first, and then Blizzard claims to offer official support and makes it aloud. This year there is over 2500 players showing up in the event with all kinds of participants. The biggest troop is from thousands of level 1 gnome rushing out from birthplace to meet at Booty Bay and marching ahead towards Orgrimmar to hug Vol’jin. If you want to make your character’s level up, you had better to buy some WOW Gold online. Along the journey many level 100 players choose to escort the pink-haired gnome participants either to provide a ride or to protect them from the guardians and enemy players.

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