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Will WOW in Europe and US become Free2Play for wow tokens?

Will WOW in Europe and US become Free2Play for wow tokens?

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Posted time: Apr 29,2015

Currently, wow tokens have been released on the EU and US version for the MMORPG Woarld of Warcraft. Due to WoW tokens, will WoW EU or WoW become a Free2Play model?

If you are fans of game, you must know that the Elder Scrolls Online and WildStar have abolished subscription. That means it is possible for the games to transfer into a Free2Play model. However, Blizzard keeps WoW special. Blizzard always looks for new ways to attract new palyers to the game. WoW tokens are available in WOW EU and WOW because a complete transition to Free2Play is still out of the question. WoW Token can help players who have less time to play the game to farm wow gold in the game and exchange in-game time. How about the effects of wow tokens in Europe and US? In the US the wow gold price of WoW Token rapidly decreased at first. And then the wow gold price of wow tokens increased. Finally, it kept stabilized at good level price. According to the changes of wow token price, the demand of wow token in WoW is not high. Thus, a transition to a Free2Play- or Buy2Play model is quite conceivable. However, in Europe, the wow gold price of wow tokens is rapidly increased in the game at first. And then it kept stabilized in the game. It means that wow token is highly needed in WoW EU. Therefore, wow token may be a first step towards a Free2Play conversion in WoW EU.

To sum up, WoW Token maybe a first step of a transition to a Free2Play mode in WOW EU. But it is quite conceivable for WoW to transit to a Free2Play- or Buy2Play model with the coming of WoW Token.

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