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How to acquire wow pet experience?

How to acquire wow pet experience?

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Posted time: Mar 30,2015

WoW pet experience plays an important role in wow pet leveling. If you do not want to level up quickly by buying wow gold in the game, you need to learn wow pet experience. Here is a brief introduction in the following:

Small wow pet leveling is different from wow character leveling in World of Warcraft. After you win in the battle, the battle experience will be divided equally. All the wow pets that have at least one action in your wow pet team can own battle experience. Your pet must have action, or your world of warcraft pet is activated when the opponent wow pets are going to have an action. In this battle, wow pets that are live will gain experience after you are victory in the battle. If you do not meet the above criteria, you will not gain experience. The key to wow pet leveling is that wow pet at level 25 will not get experience from low-level wow pets. As long as your common pet is not killed in the battle, your pet will gain a lot of experience. You can use 1 or 2 full-level wow pets to lead low-level pet to leveling up.

WoW pets

Therefore, before you use full-level pet, you should go back to the lower-level areas to ensure that new level 1 pets don't get kill in the battle. For example, wow pets at level 25 can defeat 10 opponents at level 10. As long as your wow pets at level 1 pet can fight and survive in the battle, you can get a lot of experience. In addition, each round of combat experience that can be obtained depends on the number of fighting in the battle.

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