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Guide to Nagrand rare in WOD: Rare Spawns (II)

Guide to Nagrand rare in WOD: Rare Spawns (II)

Tags: WOW Nagrand rare Rare Spawns wow items wow gold
Posted time: Dec 26,2014

It is smooth in Nagrand so there are many Nagrand wow rares and the distribution of rare is scattered. The level of Nagrand wow rares is generally high. There are a few Nagrand rare which is difficult for wow players to play.Moreover, some Nagrand wow rares can be killed by flying a kite. Nagrand rare drops wow items, which is generally 600+ equipment. This guide takes a look at Nagrand rare. It highlights the rare spawns: WOD Soulfang, WOD Greatfeather, WOD Tura’aka and WOD Flinthide.

WOD Soulfang drops WoW Items Soul Fang. Details for the wow item Soul Fang:
WoW Item Level 597
Binds when picked up
One-Hand Sword
Causes 198 - 368 Damage
85.82 damage per second
Improves 53 Intellect
Increases 79 Stamina
Enhances 30 Versatility
Gains 703 Spell Power
Increases 38 Mastery
Durability 90 / 90
Requires Level 98
Costs 41 WoW Gold to buy the wow item.
Drop Chance: 98.54%

WOD Greatfeather drops wow items Greatfeather's Down Robe. Details for this wow items:
WoW Item Level 600
Binds when picked up
Chest Cloth
Enhances 126 Intellect
Increases 189 Stamina
Enhances 84 Critical Strike
Improves 84 Mastery
Durability 140 / 140
Requires Level 98
Costs 30 WOW Gold to buy wow items Greatfeather's Down Robe
Drop Chance: 99.90%

WOD Tura’aka drops wow items Tura'aka's Clipped Wing. Details for Tura'aka's Clipped Wing:
WOW Item Level 609
Binds when picked up
38 WOW Armor
Adds 77 Agility
Improves 116 Stamina
Increases 46 Haste
Increases 55 Mastery
Requires Level 98
Costs 23 wow gold buying the wow items
Drop Chance: 99.96%

WOD Flinthide drops WOW Items Flinthide's Impenetrable Crest. Details for Flinthide's Impenetrable Crest:
WoW Item Level 609
Binds when picked up
Off Hand Shield
722 WOW Armor
Increases 77 Strength
Gains 116 Stamina
Improves 54 Haste
Increases 48 Multistrike
Durability 100 / 100
Requires Level 98
Costs 27 wow Gold to buy this wow items
Drop Chance: 99.92%

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