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Iron Tribal Invasion: Nethergarde

Iron Tribal Invasion: Nethergarde

Posted time: Oct 21,2014

Nethergarde, northeastern tip, located in blasted lands, since the end of the second war, which has silently paying attention on every atction of the Dark Portal. In addition, it is its mission that guarding the Southern Eastern Kingdoms is not affected by the demon invasion in the South. But now, as the fourth opening of the Dark Portal, this once famous Quartet in the fortress finally fell to the armies of the iron tribe.
Let us recall this front line fortress' history.
The Dark Portal seven years
The birth

The second Orc war is over for nearly a year. As Varian wrynn brought original adherents to return his hometown of Stormwind, and reigned as King of Stormwind, the reconstruction of Stormwind proceed smoothly in the surrport of Masons Union. On the other hand, Orc triba was beat, but ruins of the Dark Portal also exists, which is a small of bit surface fractured. So corruption of WOD through this Crack can spread to Azeroth, and Orc tribal may through this road crack come back. Thus, Mage Khadgar recommends that, in the Highland of the North of the Dark Portal, building a seat fortress is very useful to inhibit Earth of corruption and monitore action of the Dark Portal.
Khadgar's proposal won the Union's support. After they had invested a lot of money, the project Nethergarde was started contracted by the stonemasons Union. Aidewen·fankelifu, the President of the Union, was the Director of this project.
The Dark Portal eight years
Five Kings' Conference
Varian wrynn invited  four kings to visit the new Stormwind. They are King terenas Menethil, Dai Lin · proudmoore, suolasi·tuoerbeien, and Jien·geleimaien. After they visited Stormwind, they arrived in Nethergarde.
In the Conference Hall, Jean showed their dissatisfactionto the Nethergarde's heavy spending, so that Khadgar described in detail his reasons for spending huge money. Because the energy which radiates from the portal cracks had increased significantly and, therefore, he recommended that the Union should immediately prepare for war.
Nethergarde defense

After knowing that the Dark Portal has a strange, tulayangpaidanasi·tuoerbeien led half of Stormwind garrison to the Dark Portal. It is surprised that they are invased by Grom Hellscream · Hellscream Warsong clan when they are close to the destination. Finnaly, only Dahners escaped, and then he went to Nethergarde to tell people that Orc come back again.
After ORC's vanguard troops arrived in Nethergarde, they began the siege. But it seem to be a little weak because of Mages' firing led by Khadgar. At that moment, turalyon and the Austrian army led by Rachel Leah arrived, repelled the Orcs, and Nethergarde rescued.
Crusade to Warlords of Draenor
In view of the threat of tribal, turalyon Alliance headed by the Commander left the Nethergarde, broke the Grom Hellscream · Hellscream of the Warsong clan's blockade,and step across the Dark Portal to go to the world of Warlords of Draenor.
The Dark Portal twenty-five years
Eve of the Crusade
Demon Lord Cazac re-open the Dark Portal to Outland, and Legion crossed the portal to invase Azeroth. But, in Nethergarde, Garrison stationing here under the Argent Dawn-active, fend off demons' hit again and again. Finally, with the help of Horde and Alliance reinforcements, they  repelled the demon invasion.
Eve of Warlords of Draenor

Iron tribe once again opens the Dark Portal. The iron ORC legions across from the red light, sweeps away the offensive and advance to Nethergarde. Although guards fought, Nethergarde finally fell for being outnumbered.
The victim
In the Iron legions attack, the army and poeple Nethergarde are heavy wounded, including many of the victims people used to be very familiar with.
Such as:
Keluolan sergeant

Keluolan was slain in his own place once guarded and his shield with a smell of wine left over from him.
Costa Nord · Fires heel

Heel is a great way to forge the fire Division. He was killed by steel orcs with his own sturdy sword, which was covered with blood.
Keli·Lei wines

Keli, a family member of lei wines, has worked for many years in Nethergarde. She is brutally murdered by steel ORC, and her glasses left on the broken table.
Tragedies producer
JiaMake · demolition edge

Jiamake is the leader of the invasion army. He directed the steel Legion to capture the League's Nethergarde, and capture the village in oukalilong fortress. Finnaly, he was defeat and died.
Broken teeth
Giant mallet OGRE glove with iron tribes. Both of them joined in the tragedy in blasted lands and broken teeth is mallet OGRE and iron tribe's main contact.
Summary: Human town by Union troops finally regained, but its former glory disappeared, and only ruins are left to remind people's the deepest memories.

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