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Weapons and battle tactics analysis of eve version WOW 6.0.2

Weapons and battle tactics analysis of eve version WOW 6.0.2

Posted time: Oct 20,2014

Changes ahead of the first notes 6.0.2 cannot represent the version 6.0 after the final line of the specific circumstances, and this article just wanan share some tips to  6.0.2 war players who wanted to play on the eve of weapons proposal after changes.

WOW 6.0.2 weapons on the eve of the new genius of the war changed is really unexpected, and makes a lot of players think twice , and gives people a sense of frustration. Thus, it's no wonder that many students had turned violent and defensive specialization. But for a player who still loves weapons warfare was still able to fight a war.
First layer:
Double charge was still the first choice of many soldiers. Ares I should recommend a talent in Player VS player, Players who ruled for a time and controlled better soldiers can have a try.
Second layer:
Recovery of wind from weapons war leading God technical into a funny skills. When life value is below 35% , it only caused hurt to mana, and recovery volume only had hurt volumeo of 10%. how in Players VS Playes to has chopped killed blood line of warrior, other career also varies wave away you,and can let you has caused hurt Mana of opportunities did. Does we use small darts place  to post them? Fury's reply is aldo first talent. Both T Warrior and weapons Warrior are are the best choice, which is equal to recovery 30% of life value, can still be used when they are coma.
Third layer:
JAB being placed in this layer of talent, but the damage was less than that whirlwind hit. So slam talent disavows. Sudden death is the first choice for this level of talent, which can have a 20% chance to play without rage killing. As for damage per second, it makes a lot of contributions too. Scent of blood is also changed many times. From the old passive skills to current talent, everyone recommends it. When the end equipment property increases rapidly attack more and more frequently, Was there lack of anger to use?
Fourth floor:
SB is preferred, which can be more than one control skills; second, the Giants hit as a fill skill, its injuries are also very good.
Fifth floor:
Alert priority, can provide players with less damage in order to avoid unnecessary wastage. Group recommend talent in Players VS Player
Sixth floor:
Single target avatar, coupled with reckless flag, outbreaks once every 3 minutes. Gale into multi-target Area of effect attack spells, of course, is preferred.
Warriors' all damage is established on the basis of anger. The more anger has and the large damage flow. The WOW 6.0.2 mechanism for generating the anger is that, first and foremost in battle stance, then there is more flat and cut down to see more anger, so rapidness is a leading property in armed warfare. Second, explosive anger of the opportunity make flat cut double, and flat cut and damage are more than double so second nature of explosive aircraft can be acted as weapons of war. Next master property on giant combat, death combat and chopped killed  and this weapons war of three big skills hurt upgrade, so in rapid and burst machine of based on listening as weapons war of third property; last is almighty property. Skills increased hurt, and can directly increased treatment, and also can improve hurt caused  on other players in PVP , but in the future it may become a big problem.
Technique changes
Since 6.0.2 arms pressed to remove big chopping and pounding hurt, techniques have made a lot of changes.
Single target
Outbreak of the hand: charge + hamstring tear + Ms + giant + fight + SB + (reckless and avatar-bound) whirlwind + Ms + whirlwind
Target output: charge + hamstring tear + Ms + giant + fight + SB + whirlwind + Ms + whirlwind
Note: the SB must play within the combat of giants. Of course, the control does not work. Torn dot to finish towards the end add not had filled or filled, when lack of anger is not playing skills were tearing can also be used to populate it.
All Area of effect
Target is not focused:
Outbreak of the hand: charge + hamstring tear + Ms + giant + fight + SB + (reckless and avatar-bound) swept the whirlwind swept + Ms + whirlwind
Normal output: charge + hamstring tear + Ms + giant + fight + SB + swept the whirlwind swept + Ms + whirlwind
Outbreak of the hand: charge + hamstring tear + Ms + giant + fight + SB + (reckless and avatar-bound) across the Windmill + Ms + across the Windmill
Normal output: charge + hamstring tear + Ms + giant + fight + SB + swept swept windmill + Ms + windmill

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