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Which Career is Much Better ? 6.0 Career Prospective Analysis

Which Career is Much Better ? 6.0 Career Prospective Analysis

Posted time: Oct 16,2014

Death Knight: Delano DK is very strong, not only has the strongest physique, also has a pretty good output, and his mobility has also been greatly improved .
Druid: Druid Warcraft 6.0 data version, previous version can play as well as milk is the advantage of all-round occupation, in fact, the biggest advantage is on the deformed.
Hunter: Hunter is always flexible, especially for adorable pet and the copy of the single brush attainments.
Master: Master Spell Draenor modify a lot of details, new skills and modify the three shift system of Master,which has its own independent battle system.
Monk: Monk milk and T still maintain a good position, karma modified made him no longer so strong.
Knight: Paladin's skills are even more gorgeous, the subject of adding dual-channel fixed milk riding position in the brush T team.
Pastor: Pastor provides important BUFF for the team, modify of skills cause all players headache, but I believe It will have a better development.
Rogue: Draenor thieves recovery has been strengthened, the new 100 made him have a more flexible talent development space, since they cannot fly in the wild, thieves players may rapidly increase.
Shaman: They has a new spell effect, seen from the information gathered so far, shaman is still a copy of the most powerful milk post.
Warlock: The warlock doesn't change so much in the new version, the pain and the devil has been a corresponding increased, due to the control of weakening, and now the Warlock has become a mere fort.
Warrior: Warrior is the top one during the test, the modify of the recovery has a big impact on d the soldiers.

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