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Problemsof NA: Warlords of Draenor on the eve of the first day

Problemsof NA: Warlords of Draenor on the eve of the first day

Posted time: Oct 16,2014

Summary: while a good coat Delano launched the first day, Delano was faced with  the various questions and you can get the related answers.
Blue post: Therea are issues of NA Delano  when it launched the first day.  


Q: "defence expert" title is missing, is it one of the most difficult tasks in the game?
A:Bug, immediate
Q: "fog" is a specialized title role?! It will turn into account GM isn't it?
A: it's exclusive role, and like challenge mode rewards
Q: "poly" where were you? (Translator's Note: he's a NPC sells Union 10W motor)
A: now that he is gone, and will be back later
Q: "do you really think again" and didn't like what you said, achievement. Will fix it?
A: it is unfortunate, we can't go back to it. Only a 100-level trial courts can do, sorry.
Q: "pioneer iron and steel" (translator's Note: Eve [steel invasion] Awards) not accounts universal.
A:Bug, fixes


Q: look at the properties of the shoulder! everything was broken! (Translator's Note: images of eternal property after compression loading, with 1000+ crit properties)
A: display bug, fix shortly. Everything is fine!
Q: just took battle under Auger, everyone is going to touch the body, isn't automatically into the bag?
A: individuals picking up to touch the bodies, purposes are in keeping with other pick up experience in the game.


Q: the buffs still on the blood-boiling, it can make blood specialization wither on the weaker, that AoE does not use it.
A: wither/blasphemy will be changed.
Q: rapid cooling does not reset the Frost Nova. Is this design?
A: Yes, as quench not the talent to obtain earnings per second.
Q: according to the patch notes, bloodthirsty instead of heroic strike, raging wars no longer has combat of giants, but anger is still able to extend it. And other funny little errors.
A: we will fix it, thank you, sorry!

Wo ear

Q: the cloak of the fire ox Wo ears also need to ...
A: strange bug slightly ~ sorry, we'll do something about
Q: the Alchemist's potion and explosive potion identical copy progress. How could this be?
A: that's it. Mana potions and potion broke out the same copy progress, mana potions are different.
Q: I can in a day to Brinton 4000 and 5000, respectively to the present?
A: no, you can only choose one.


Q: when I Wo ear, if not I can't open PvP PvP enabled labeled human blood.
A: we change the PvP tag works, you no longer inadvertently open PvP switch. As you say, we are investigating the problem.
Q: make sure that the PvE equipment installed within the battlefield, it will be adjusted.
A: we were reviewing 540 PvE equipment such as ceiling.
Q:16 what time of the season?
A: December 2
Q: arena practice match just 15 honor points?
A: Yes, at level 100, it will give the box
A: Please note that in current practice and battlefield, 90+ role will be promoted to level 99. WoD before the opening that shouldn't, fixes to come.

Team replica

Q: jiaerlushi buff (translator's Note: heirloom will gain status) when opened? I don't want to play up this week before seeing it.
A: that's not buff, will set off a family heirloom has been mounting
Q: lock the copy progress will be reset?
A: because 6.0 copy of changes in the structure of all copy progress will be reset and extend the progress will become invalid.
Q: if I played AO in individuals picking up modes, does everybody have to wait and take turns to pick up the box?
A: luckily not the case. Although it has been around for 10 years, we have solved "box is in use" questions, at least pick up mode.
Q: are you sure 30 General/hero/random people would appear in the Delano?
A: 6.0.2, General/hero ready to play 30 missions.
Q: I do not remember where to inquire about, new models of flexible copy can zone in line?
A: no, in addition to random need to partition in line outside (including battle AUGE)


Q: there are opportunities to find NAT fishing Chair? when I put it in the mail by deleting it.
A: currently cannot. I will add to the supplier in the 6.1.
Q: q, toy be deleted or cut out the role of toys in the toy box will appear in it? like mini magic bomb.
A: if they are archaeological or task, it can go back. Otherwise, no, we can't go back so much.
A: important! may cause the game to crash when you open the toy box.
A: Please note that we have removed some toys from the toy box. Patch notes come out right.
Q: can't put some toys into the toy box, and wouldn't put a shirt in the void Bank
A: we are looking at the toys. Shirt well, others can be placed in the future (I hope)


Q: bronze Drake baby can you get it only on the eve of the event? dares to reveal drop rate it? please!
A: it currently gets. And several other young baby Dragon drop rate, but many blame will fall.
Q:6.0 can be seen flying cutter (translator's Note: Brinton 5000 package can open) right?
A: you can draw from the renyibulindun package to! Brinton 5000, there are other things more and higher drop rate.

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