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Kings of Warcraft 6.0 Delano: how to line your trumpet

Kings of Warcraft 6.0 Delano: how to line your trumpet

Posted time: Oct 15,2014

Abstract: the Kings of Warcraft 6.0 Delano: how to line your trumpet

6.0 Delano: how to line your trumpet
Log in after the update, and you should be able to complete a short quest line of the blasted lands. These tasks rewards steel star pets invasion title achievements and pioneer iron and steel iron and steel.

How to arm your trumpet
If you want to trumpet it, and makes it easier for its upgrade in the King of the Delano, there is some way. Upgrade now need to remember many items 50 good luck to a secondary character.

Ubrs: new version of ubrs dropped 550 mounted in blue, this is better than your ordinary Orgrimmar to get equipment (not upgrade). You need 510 loaded to row.
Honors: battleground and arena practice games give you the honor to buy 550 loaded PvP gear.
Coin of equipment now cost justice points or nerve points before spending coins.
522 equipment, such as: If you hit a cave assault battalion of standing requirements, you can buy 522 equipment.
496 equipment, such as: 5.1 patch sell 496 quartermaster equipment.
489 equipment, such as: Commander beef heart sold vast quantities of 489 of the equipment.
Island of eternity: you lot can be found in the timeless Island box 496 equipment. If you get the armor parts you don't need, you can send it to the other trumpet.
World leaders: world leaders has a 15-30% chance of falling equipment. Don't forget Wo ear, now open to all!
Siege of Orgrimmar: flexible difficulty now is on normal difficulty, and is 10-30, so I quickly use the team Finder Kit. If you have 496 or even higher levels of equipment, you can use the team Finder to 528 of the equipment.
Lightning throne: If you have at least 480 loaded, you can go to the thrones of lightning. Chief 30% chance fall to 502 equipment.

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