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6.0 Delano King of the latest professional skill changes list

6.0 Delano King of the latest professional skill changes list

Posted time: Oct 15,2014

6.0 Delano King of the latest professional skill changes list

Summary:  Warcraft 6.0 official blue posted the latest list of the changes professional skill.Now come and see 6.0 occupations which have been added for you a magic that can strengthen its capability.

Latest official Warcraft 6.0 Professional changes the blue post: you may have noticed, and we're not listed in the patch notes for damage/healing skill value adjustment changes. Under normal circumstances, data mining should be able to tap into most of the changes, so technically know when retesting. They only do this when we release a new patch. However, since the last beta patch has the additional changes that were correct. Clients should be able to reflect these changes on ToolTip, but data mining may not work. So, here I am providing this information. As soon as we officially launched tomorrow (Editor's Note: a good coat, dress, on Thursday), we will use the normal line list to get straight such changes.

Assassin's resolve now increases damage by 10% (from 15%).
Increases the damage of 13% ambushed.
Backstab damage increased by 13%.

Wrath hammer damage was reduced by 10%.
Winds blow damage reduced by 8%.
Devastate increases the damage of 5%.
Revenge damage increased by 5%.
Increases shield slam damage by 5%.

The death Knight
Oblivion's damage increased by 8%.
Wane wound damage was reduced by 5%.
Scourge strike's damage reduction 5%.
An abscess the damage was reduced by 5%.
Blood boil's damage increased to 20%.
Spiritual combat injuries increased by 20%.

The monk
Sunrise play increases the damage of 10%.
Nu mine-increases the damage of breaking the 10%.
Really broken (jiuxian) damage was reduced by 30%.

Arcane blast damage was reduced by 5%.
Arcane barrage damage reduced by 5%.
Arcane missiles damage reduced by 5%.
Super Nova damage reduced by 15%.
Fireball spell damage increased by 5%.
Frost fire arrow increases the damage of 5%.
Purgatory shocks by 5%.
Blasting operation increases the damage of inflammatory 5%.
Increases frostbolt damage by 5%.
Ice Lance increases the damage of 5%.
Orb of frost damage 5%.
Increases the damage to water 5%.
Water injection increases the damage of 5%.

Pain injury reduces the 10%.
Unstable affliction damage reduced by 10%.

Black arrow damage increase by 12%.
Explosive shot's damage increased to 12%.
Increases the damage of Serpent Sting 12%.

The shaman priest
CL's Mana cost reduced by 43%.

Mind blast's damage increased to 10%.
Mind spike damage increased by 10%.
Mind Flay's damage increased to 10%.

Avenger's shield's damage increased to 5%.
Commitment increases the damage of 5%.
Increases the damage of holy wrath by 5%.
Increases the damage of shield of righteousness by 5%.

Cutting hurt by 5%.
Laceration injuries increased by 5%.
Maul damage increased by 5%.

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