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Stand-alone Content Still be As the Core of The Elder Scrolls OL

Stand-alone Content Still be As the Core of The Elder Scrolls OL

Posted time: May 22,2014

In the elder scrolls OL, add 100% of the stand-alone clearance plot makes a lot of players and game media questioned, whether these so-called SOLO part of the plot will have what kind of impact on the game. To this, "the elder scrolls OL", said an official with the main plot to join SOLO in the game is very necessary; players will appear in the drama as a hero with Cheapest ESO CD Key.


Although some of the elder scrolls OL full level content, and the teamwork between PVP content need players’ teamwork, the core content of the game is based on a single plot and give priority to single player fighting for obtaining The Elder Scrolls Gold. Game makers said: "we design the way the game is for players, completed part need single player game. Players appear in the game as a hero, with the kingdom of Daedric prince of Molag Bal interact, say, players are playing this part will revolve around himself."


In addition, the elder scrolls OL will no longer be in a similar with "Skyrim" which gives priority to dozen of special skill system, but the main reason for doing so is that hope the game will have the feeling of the elder scrolls series game earlier. Game makers said: "we want to do a multiplayer online game content is given priority to, and the game content is mainly in the aspects of content and design. The game has many PVP elements, so it is difficult to make a based on the skill of the elder scrolls OL.”


Maybe you think the online game shoulder concentrate on the PVP field or other fighting place, but as the elder scrolls OL came from the single-alone PC game, it just want to create a new but familiar impression on players with ESO CD Key, so that they can enjoy the game more and whole.

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