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Underground City will be Different in the End Game of the Elder Scrolls Online

Underground City will be Different in the End Game of the Elder Scrolls Online

Posted time: May 14,2014

Maybe in your impression, after full level, there is no fun Game, but a large online games elder scrolls OL allows you to the End Game is full of curiosity. When a player of the game reaches level 50 characters, the game's journey is not over. At the appointed time, players will experience full of rich game content after full level with The Elder Scrolls cdkey.


The content covers personal PVP and multiplayer PVP, group PVP and team PVP content, personal PVE and multiplayer PVE game content, four people group PVE and 12 people team PVE activities. After players reach full level, eligible for a copy of the four people named "Craglorn" adventure.


Adventure zone are very same as traditional RAID in the End Game. You will enter a region and participation in the interesting stories happened. Not only will you experience the wonderful adventures will be very good rewards not only Elder Scrolls Online Gold. When you finish a camp after the adventure zone you can also go to other camps continued adventures, each one camp will contain about 150 hours of tasks according to the official.


Expert underground city: this part is similar to exploration model of guild wars 2 copies. When you are full level, you can go back to underground city on the road of your level 1-49 upgrade journey, and find a brand new area and completely different tasks. In these experts underground city, you will find in low-level ones to complete the task after the impact, and continue to adventure. And different from WOW the copy of the hero of the pattern, the basic is a copy of the new experience with more ESO Gold to earn. The official said at the beginning of the game release, there will be 16 different grade copies; this number will be rapid growth in the monthly update.

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