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What Are You Looking Forward of End Game in The Elder Scrolls OL?

What Are You Looking Forward of End Game in The Elder Scrolls OL?

Posted time: May 13,2014

Once, the WOW senior players said: "full level is just started of a game.” Really start online game players began to be imbued with a such a concept from WOW, which is the most important content of an online game is after the role with full level, whether get wow items or PVP, the more busy players been made and spare not down but there are more players are desirable. Thus, the END GAME of an online game is still one of the major criteria for the vast majority of people evaluate their quality, the same to The Elder Scrolls Online.


Real PVP began from level 50: like many other online games, the so-called "real" PVP is after full level. Because only when you have mastered the skills of all kinds of great skills and spells, and have enough life, endurance and mana to cast these skills, so that you will have truly exciting fight in Cyrodill. Even though the game designers of ESO have largely weaken the operation level and suppress on the equipment, but when you're diamond cut diamond, you obviously want to stand on the same starting line with your opponent whether for Elder Scrolls Online Gold or items, isn't it?


Senior life skills: life skills of ESO are a very important part of the game content. Although your character can just learn any life skills at low levels and create useful equipment with ESO CD Key, only if you are in the top ranks of the items midpoint life skill tree full of relevant skills, senior items can be made. And some items of the highest rank only through life skills to make, plus the ESO has the same experiment system as the early stage of the game series, so life skills will be very interesting and useful content after your full level.


The End Game doesn’t mean that you will feel boring about the game but some new and different content to experience. You will find much interesting place even in the old fighting place.

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