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Sharing Strategy to Explore World Map of The Elder Scrolls Online

Sharing Strategy to Explore World Map of The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted time: May 08,2014

Last time, igxe have shared the Explore type of the Elder Scrolls Online world map, here we will continue the other types of exploring. And you players may get other more fun through the exploring process with The Elder Scrolls Online cdkey.

Task type: such landmark pattern is not unified, usually is a landmark that can represent position terrain or the design of building characteristics. Landmarks in the region will provide a continuous task but also the only one. After completion of the task, the site can be lit icon, and later when you press "M" on the map, move the mouse to the landmark, you can see the task description in the area you have completed.

Struck: open underground city: similar to the copy of the same place, but you can see other players. The deepest dungeons will have a special NPC (with his name), there will be complete hints and related achievements unlock dungeons after struck. Player will have the equivalent of a task after the completion of the experience value of reward but not The Elder Scrolls Gold, but more simple and fast than to do tasks to. Also because it is an open dungeons, so special NPC could be struck by other players, you need to wait patiently for a refresh.

In addition, each open underground city will have Skyrim pieces, don't miss it. Field elite, which are strong as the similar level enemy, the region is relatively strong, single struck lower level is not recommended. Smote also have completed after prompt, and you will gain experience rewards and achievements unlock.

Some other fun to explore the world: in addition to light landmarks in the world or earn cheap eso gold, the sky pieces, and books two kinds of things to explore. The sky pieces are scattered throughout the world, collecting three pieces can obtain 1 skill point. As long as pay attention to a foaming at the mouth of ray, you won't miss. Through the entire shelf, if you turn to specific books, it can promote a certain skill level. Of course, whether you need the skill level is another thing.

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