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The Elder Scrolls Online Full Spectrum Warrior - "Pure Treatment" Knights Templar

The Elder Scrolls Online Full Spectrum Warrior - "Pure Treatment" Knights Templar

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Posted time: Apr 29,2014

There are a lot of different jobs in the elder scrolls OL, what kind of job would you choose, treatment or output? Igxe shares players a universal warrior - the Knight Templar, it will be a perfect pure treatment. The Knight Templar may not promise you get much ESO Gold, but it will be an important role in the team copy.


There are various good skills under the Knight Templar skill trees, which can satisfy variety of roles you want to be within the team (and can do very well). But there is one of the characters most suitable for the temple. You may have guessed, that is, the Knight Templar is the best treatment.


Why is the Knight Templar better than other occupational therapy? If you guess that they heal more blood than any other job, you are wrong. In fact, the Knight Templar does treatment without adding more health than other jobs with The Elder Scrolls Online cdkey. The temple treatment is better because he has more choices. Most of the other job is about 6-7 probably can heal skill, the Knight Templar of the heal skill is one time than themselves. You may, of course, all at a time, but you can choose the skills you need to use, this is the temple and blood more prominent place.


Restoring Light is your main treatment skills. Treatment provided by the light of the last few skills are also do the tank is very useful. Before talking about active skills, let's quickly understand the passive skill. Indeed, each one is very good, each learn as soon as possible. From reduce the resurrection time to increase the amount healed, you really can't say which passive skill. Don’t forget to search for skyshard, because you need more skill points to these skills.


Ranging Ritual is the temple in my teacher talent selection in essential skills. Although the skills have two second casting time and you also can only be treated nearby targets, but this ability is very good with Cheapest ESO CD Key. In addition to being powerful range and blood type skills, it also treat you an additional 30% health. It can continue to use and maintain the team to avoid death.

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