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Sharing Strategy to Explore World Map of The Elder Scrolls Online

Sharing Strategy to Explore World Map of The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted time: Apr 25,2014

After you went into the world of the elder scrolls OL, press the "M" button, the map you see is blank. Then, the following is the strategy to explore the world step by step by igxe, which provides Cheapest ESO Gold Buy, sharing for you players.


As you continuously explore the world, there will be a landmark of different patterns in your map. Just appear, they will be in the form of white line black background. And once you have reached a certain conditions, they will become a black line and white background, it means you have completed this landmark region of a particular event, the process is the light landmarks. All the landmarks, according to the light method, landmarks can be divided into the following categories:


Explore type: as long as you arrived at the position of the icon, you can direct light, the simplest icon. These kinds of landmarks include:


Teleporter: after near can be activated, can free transfer between all the Teleporter. The Teleporter can be paid directly to the Teleporter. If payment transfer between two intervals is too short, the ESO Gold you have to pay will increase.


Pure exploration sites: light up it as long as you have arrived at the position.


Special equipment manufacturing site: this provides equipment production workbench for attributes of the suit. Provides a carpenter, garment manufacturing blacksmith three workbench, use also like ordinary workbench. But for an additional production requirements, each part must be studied the two features to make, and then made parts bring suit effect, arbitrary three-piece can launch a suit effect with The Elder Scrolls cdkey.


Guardian stone: ESO5: Skyrim in traditional guardian stone, currently only found The Lover, and The Lady two kinds. Activated respectively an increases armor and a reduce spell damage.

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