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Blizzard Speeds up Releasing DLC Issued to Attract Players

Blizzard Speeds up Releasing DLC Issued to Attract Players

Tags: WOW
Posted time: Nov 22,2013

The latest news is that Blizzard wants to WOW sell a new DLC each year in the future, which will undoubtedly promote the growth of the consumers both of Blizzard and igxe. This is a very interesting thing. Blizzard had to keep the cycle of every other year to release new DLC of WOW, however, according to the latest news, and then they will make new DLC at a speed of twice the current. This reminds us of the Greg Street once talked about very important words: "Patch will not make the old players to a large number of returns, but the DLC can play this role."


Blizzard has taken frequent actions these years, the fundamental reason is that they face many serious challenges: in the past a long time, the total number of players showed a trend of declining, while the current (after patch 5.4 online) have bigger signs of recovery. Blizzard undertakes a large amount of debt after buying from Vivendinet. Although it’s just some regular benign debt, for Blizzard, pay up is not so easy. At the same time, they also face the crisis of losing game players for other high-quality games. Some data growth of other games in igxe can also prove this fact.


If Blizzard is speeding up the development and release speed of a new DLC, for itself is a pretty good strategy, which will be in the business and revenue has brought a certain degree of improvement. Further, this can also make them hold the low loyalty, the users who are constantly trying new novelty of game.


But at the same time, Blizzard also should be more cautious, especially need to pay attention to this point in how to distinguish between the patches and DLC. Players are looking forward to the arrival of the DLC faster, but they don't want Blizzard sacrifice quality for speed. “WOW is indeed a popular game, we hope to see more new thing from it quicker, but we also wish the best of each DLC, and we will always support the game in igxe.com.” A senior wow fan customer said.

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