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FIFA 14 PC performance Evaluation: Integrated Graphics also can free to play HD Field

FIFA 14 PC performance Evaluation: Integrated Graphics also can free to play HD Field

Posted time: Nov 21,2013

As the old rival of live series, the latest of the FIFA series "FIFA 14" also met with us. The fifa14 has a lot of great change, innovation, the development team is devoting great effort to build a more pure football experience for the players. Whether it can be the strongest work of the football game? The igxe.com will show the evaluation together.


"FIFA 14" is the latest works of EA company made famous football game "FIFA" series, and is determined on active service, next generation and PC game all platforms. It has the five new features, first of all, the players more intelligent. Second, emphasize the midfield players for the control of the ball on the ball. Third, the ball will be more real physical orbit. Fourth, teammates are intelligent. Fifth, defender teammate intercept regional extension provides the basis for players to experience exciting gaming experience. FIFA14 gaming platform hardware performance requirements (minimum):


CPU: 1.8 GHz Core 2 Dial Core Intel or AMD Athlon Ⅱ X2 240 processor or same class
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: support DirectX 9.0 c and discrete graphics with 512 MB memory
Hard disk: 8 GB
Operating system: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1


In the table configuration requirements for the CPU performance requirements for FIFA is not high, the lowest configuration is just 1.8 GHz Intel Core duo or Athlon X2 240 dual-core processor, and ask for a generation of recommended configuration section is the Core i3 dual-core or processing of dragon X4 925 quad-core processors, which conform to the FIFA series games on the characteristics of the hardware requirements is not high.


Graphics card has no clear demand model, just synoptically describes the demand, according to the last generation of game configuration requirements and the actual game performance, it can predict the mainstream entry-level game graphics can meet smooth running effect.


8 GB hard drive space can easily meets for the mainstream computer, the actual game is also less than 8 GB after the installation. In addition, the lowest support of the game is Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system, also shows that game makers also gradually will exclude the XP the game operating system list.


In general, igxe make the conclusion that FIFA 14 games’ requirements of the basic is consistent with "FIFA 13" in the actual hardware performance, dependent on the processor is not strong, the mainstream of dual core processor can basically meet the requirements. Performance requirements for the graphics card is also very low, in 1080 p resolution and the high quality special effects, the only need is the core of integrated platform graphics card is enough for the smooth running game.

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