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Just Explore the World in the Adventure of GW2

Just Explore the World in the Adventure of GW2

Tags: GW2
Posted time: Nov 19,2013

Since the game listed in the game market, "Guild Wars 2" subverts traditional RPG games with extremely wide exploration maps, frank feelings fighting and unique personal epic plot, and it has received high praise from domestic and international media, as well as the players.


“Compared with traditional RPG games having only one main story, although in the mainline near NPCS will often appears all sorts of side quests, but these tasks are independent in the mainline, the plot of the game story does not have any effect with the intersection. In the GW2, you will become the leading role, through tyria mainland mammoth historical events. It’s amazing for me!” A senior wow player customer from igxe.com said.


In the adventure, you will take part in all kinds of battle. In GW2, you can't find the traditional distinct of "warrior, pastor and Sorceress" in the game profession, each character can decide their own place in the team."Guild wars 2" each character have dozens of different skills and each weapon has five different skills, what you need to do is pick out weapons and skills characters you fond of; in addition, damage, healing, protection, control, the collocation of different skills will determine your character profession characteristic, make the people according to your own fond!


"Guild wars 2" is an exploration of the world, the unprecedented huge scene maps, ubiquitous free inquiry content shows a lively game world for you. There is a multitude of tasks hidden in every corner of the map, skill points waiting for players to find, completion of these tasks, you can not only learn a new skill, but also explore the unexpected treasure! Explore every wonderful let players don't miss the game, the observation site, as well as the degree of map is complete set, and avoid embarrassment that there are a lot of maps have not arrived when the players have played the game for a long time. Slightly below 360 degrees of freedom perspective, also let players in the game of tour pleasant scenery, find the real pleasure of game!


With the new characteristics of GW2, the players really enjoy the different experience. Most of senior player customers of igxe who tried the game also are willing to recommend GW2 to their friends.

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