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WOW DLC 6.0 Won't Have New Career

WOW DLC 6.0 Won't Have New Career

Tags: WOW
Posted time: Nov 15,2013

In 2013 Blizzard Carnival, Blizzard announced the DLC 6.0 of WOW entitled “Warlords of Draenor”, at the same time share the related plot and new content to the players. Igxe, a worldwide game services online provider, always concerns about this important event. After a series of game products discount activities for the Halloween, this event is totally a reaction to the customers’ strong requirement. During this event, customers can enjoy wow currency at more favorable price.


As more and more information on wow 6.0 exposed to the fans, wow 6.0 becomes the current hot topic among wow fans as well as igxe wow customers. Just yesterday, the wow official site released the fortress system in version 6.0, which has led to wow fans’ hot discussion. Many fans express that they are eager to play this version.


As to the problem of new Hero or new career come out or not, the official also give their reply: they mainly make the adjustments among the existing racial in “Warlords of Draenor”, all ethnic model will change. Dark portal is a new area; characters will directly promote to level 90, and accept the similar series of new tasks for the death knight. Not only that, the player in the process of upgrade can choose on their own skills and skill levels, for example, if you want to get a quick upgrade as a mage to level 100, you can only choose to increase in growth to upgrade the skills of level (of course, the top each skill is fixed, the player just can choose which are put first which), this will be convenient for that players are more likely to choose their own growth path.


Igxe.com published this event just to meet the customers’ needs. “The few days ago released orange weapon of the wow rogues is quite attractive to me. But it is of high cost. If I want to possess such epic level prop, I need a large amount of cheap wow gold. This promotion activity is just what I need.” A senior wow player customer said.

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