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GW2: Just Invite Your Friend Adventure into Your Copy

GW2: Just Invite Your Friend Adventure into Your Copy

Tags: GW2
Posted time: Nov 13,2013

In each of our life, we always need others’ help, or a best friend just like igxe, or a passer-by, will leave in everybody's heart. "Guild Wars 2" is such a personal epic hero of the story about the player himself, although the stories of how writing is up to you, but you are not alone, you can invite to all manner of "passing" into your world!


In the traditional online game world, the same as other players, he played the same hero, experiencing the same story; perhaps the hero is not the hero sleeping in your heart. But in the GW2, we each player has the power to choose our way of adventure! GW2 personal epic plot participation way is a kind of single machine, each player enter the independent copies to complete the story, adventure in this person copy of the plot, you can experience that you are the world's leading role, this is a life space that belongs to oneself completely!


The main story in Guild Wars 2 is called a "personal epic task", the plot of the game threads through different copies. Green maps in the cyclone where is the place where personal epic drama, most of his personal story missions needs to enter a copy. After arriving in task location, the ground appears on a green flag, players from igxe.com will be prompted to enter a copy, if there are members of a team, and you can choose whether to come to help or not. Complete a copy of the plot, players can leave a copy access to get such equipment items as reward.


But at the same time, the copy of the personal drama of GW2 does not mean that it is a stand-alone mode. In a personal copy of the plot, you still interact with the whole GW2 world! In the adventure, you can invite your friend into your copy, they can help you, with you adventure, also can leave you, like your partner here like a hurry traveler, they can only be simple for you to give a helping hand, they join and leave won't produce any changes to your adventure stories, stories of every decisive choice needs yourself make! But igxe will be always your best friend, and provide help anytime.

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