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Developers Apologize For Final Fantasy 14 PC Players Reject PS3 Players

Developers Apologize For Final Fantasy 14 PC Players Reject PS3 Players

Tags: Final Fantasy 14
Posted time: Nov 11,2013

"Ratings of equipment need to be more than 700, the other no reply." Players who have played an MMORPG have seen such remarks. Recently, a similar situation happened in the Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. But this is not a problem of character attributes, but in the hardware, PC players don't want to be a copy team with the PS3 player. Even the net friends in igxe have complained about this problem.


Recently, the official of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn launches a live TV online, the official production personnel to show players the 2.1 version “raised teammate system". Raise his teammates, raise people raise condition and posted by simple description will be shown in the raise list (raise reveal version). In the official demo pictures, however, a team notes appeared "group attaches great importance to the efficiency and decline the PS3 player", eventually cause dissatisfaction with the player.


Just from the theory of function, the PS3 can completely realize the Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn all the features of the special effects, but, according to the PS3 owners reflect the PS3 read time is much longer than the PC version. If with a team together, speed switch, fighting the map will be slow. Not only that, after PC high configuration and all the special effects opening, images form bright contrast with PS3, some role cannot be shown in the PS3 version, players in igxe.com reflects such situation, PS3 owners actually join the teams also cannot take part in the battle, but in the end can share their experiences, this led to the PC players’ dissatisfaction.


For this situation, operators don't admit failure of optimize and insisted that this is a "for all players to experience the fun of, to use different function and made the game". The situation of "Declined PS3 owners" has not a few, the live in such words equals to pour oil on the flames, eventually leading to the game interactive part to make apologize, and said "no PS3 players” will become NG language, and will not appear in the game.


Without a sincere attitude, it’s afraid that there won't be too many people will continue to support the game or consume Gil in igxe.com; the game market is very competitive, after all.

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