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Guild Wars 2: Tower of Nightmare

Guild Wars 2: Tower of Nightmare

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Posted time: Nov 07,2013

The details of Guild Wars 2: Tower of Nightmare will update on November 12th, the first part: The Nightmares Within. We will share every part of Nightmare, and refer you where to buy cheap gw2 gold online safe.


How to Start Guild Wars 2: Nightmare

When you sign in your account of GW2, you can find out where your need to report using the Show Me button near the message part. Then, if you visited Kessex Hills, you would see the Tower soon.
You will enter different solo story instance when you are in different levels:
Level 25 or below: you can talk to Marjory Delaqua at the investigation camp at Thunder Ridge.
Above level 25: you will enter a solo story.
Grading up your account to level 80 with the story, after that you can get the objectives of the Tower of Nightmare World UI.


New Events in Kessex Hills

Champions of the Toxic Alliance have been seen taking over waypoints in Kessex Hills. Defeat these champions to push back their noxious influence and make the area safe for travel again. Help keep Kessex Hills out of the Toxic Alliance’s grasped, and aid your allies by guiding caravans of supplies for the fight against the Toxic Alliance.
From all the new Events in Kessex Hills, you can make some GW2 Gold easily, but there are many things to help you get more, let’s continue analyzing the New Items, Rewards, Achievements.


New Items, Rewards and Achievements

You will buy these new items in the Gem Store, and there isn’t the homepage by gw2.
New—Toxic Gloves and Pauldrons:
New—Toxic Dye Kits
Halloween Items
The Antitoxin Spray healing skill will be available when your skill panel for 25 skill points or you can buy from Marjory for Pristine Toxic Spore Samples.
To unlock your skill point or charge Quartz Crystals, you can complete the Meta achievement to earn a Krait Obelisk Shard.
Pristine Toxic Spore Samples can be used to barter for goods from Marjoy and also to create new consumables, runes and sigils.
The Tower of Nightmares Meta achievement:
Completing Tower of Nightmare section or Tower of Nightmares daily achievements, you will be awarded a Krait Obelisk Shard for your home instance.
The Toxic Spore Sampler achievement:
Completing this achievement, as the reward, you will grant the ability to unlock or buy the Antitoxin Spray skill.
The Toxic Krait Historian achievement:
When you complete the Toxic Krait Historian achievement, you will be rewarded the perseverance with a Scroll of Knowledge and use it you will gain five skill points.
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