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FF14 can enlarge the fun in the fighting field

FF14 can enlarge the fun in the fighting field

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Posted time: Aug 31,2012

The fun of MMO is that through intelligence analysis to give your own way to fight against with other players. Think the most favorable step action, when you are playing in the game. Like chess. Do what you can. And leave the remaining for the God to decode. Once you make the good strategy, according to plan. And finally reach a goal that moment feeling is very good. The Final Fantasy XIV  is the typical game you are worthy to play. also can help you be more exciting in the game.
The fighting part of FFXIV production based on the above view in the end what will become of it. The players do please look forward to it.

Yet consider when to start charging the primary task of reconstruction FFXIV Game when the question of charges, Yoshida said: time completely not considered from a commercial point of view, indeed want to from now on to start charging, at least let the players feel this is the game can play. Fighting the transformation of the first to observe the evaluation, further improvement in the import part of the game to new players can enjoy the fun of the game. Time to time is what we should think about the issue of fees. So does not ascertain. "

The progress of PS3 version, Yoshida replied "progressing smoothly, but not allowed to when to sell." And also said that on the basis of the reconstruction of the PC version of FFXIV thoroughly improve the completion of the PS3 version will not let players disappointed the second time. And Cheap FFXIV Gil will help them to get the funny trip when they are in the game. 

The right-generation was each patch of relatively small at the same time, but the transformation of the game plan progress smoothly than scheduled, the players wait.

These are interviews with some of the contents. Shake-up of the development team, the results of the new team seems to have been gradually emerging. Three of the interview showed a strong will and passion to re-production of FFXIV. I believe there are a lot of people played just released FFXIV. The heart will feel very disappointed. See their conversation, one cannot but expect that they are not really able to reshape the game.
Future development should start with the patch 1.18 for the fighting part of the transformation to complete the backbone part of the MMORPG. Additional FFXIV was unique elements. Look at production of the person publishing the information will always think of that will become how to debut at this time. The Final Buy Fantasy XIV Gil For Sale is the main way for the players to get. In short, let us look forward to forward to the next update.

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