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The MOP Gameplay has its unique features

The MOP Gameplay has its unique features

Posted time: Aug 29,2012

As for the Gameplay, the magic of Ancient Mountain have its own features to attract the players to play in Mist of Pandaria. Players face the difficulty, when they are playing in the game, they will find that Mist Of Pandaria power leveling can be a good item to use at this moment.

The game designers are trying to shape a 10/25, Normal Heroic Difficulty or 25 random team difficulty epic raids. The whole magic of ancient mountain treasure-house of a total of six leaders, there are a variety of different fighting mechanism.


The role of the player's game plays for thousands of years, the first step is to get the magic treasure trove of ancient mountain adventure. The gaming experience will have a strong atmosphere of "Tomb Raider". Copy of the map there will be many mysterious guard guardian appears. The players are trying to protect the secret of the treasure house. For example, players encountered in the copy chief, will be a group of giant unicorn beast - a body with magic.


Since the treasure trove of dusty long stone creatures like the lion, it has been static posture silently watching. The players broke into the awakening of an intruder and engaged in a fierce offensive. Four unicorn statues were according to their stone, each with different capabilities, players must keep trying until you find out their weaknesses so far. Facing with this, the sale of MOP power leveling will be enhanced by the players.


Another important point is that, although the player can really feel the presence of Lei Wang, he does not directly show up in the treasure-house. The power source was hidden in the depths of the treasure-house, while the magic of the ancient tribe learn to use this force to create most of the guardian of the players in the treasure house of encounter. Observant enough keen players should be able to feel the guardian in the process and players fighting, there will be "huge" changes.


The red clay made of a team of guards army embedded in the wall of the treasure-house of the core chamber. If the players look up, you will find embedded in the niches in the guards seems to be endless upward extension. When players enter the Chamber of Secrets, Guardian of the statue will begin to wake and waves to the players to attack. Evolve into the non-discrimination battle. Need tanks in order to resist force with high attack power guards, other guards have some special ability, non-tank players must rely on their own ability to deal with. It will be a need to make good use of the control of techniques for fighting.


The name of the battle was for Mist of Pandaria lovers. When players successfully challenged the entire copy of the game, they will understand why the original magic of ancient family has the ability to rule the entire continent Panda Leah. And also it is possible for the players to get WOW MOP power leveling, when they are playing in the game.


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