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Blizzard Update World of Warcraft Classic PvP Plan

Blizzard Update World of Warcraft Classic PvP Plan

Posted time: Apr 09,2019



Blizzard said that World of Warcraft  based on the original game update schedule "wow Classic" will be launched in six stages  this summer last month. Following the original World of Warcraft release model, today it details the content plan in PvP, which means that the WoW Classic will not have a "formal PvP system" when it is launched.

With more fans,if you have been playing the World of Warcraft since it was released, You must understand wow power leveling or the update Wow of Warcraft.In the second stage of rolling without reaching the classic, you can kill your companion, there is no penalty at all, because no PvP system means there is no disgraceful killing - the second stage of rolling, will introduce honor system and PvP level reward. These rewards will be version 1.12, but not easy to get: Blizzard warns that "it takes a lot of time to get through the honor system ranking."

The Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch battlefields and their associated suppliers were introduced in the third phase of Classic, although all their items were not immediately available: War Gulch's Spell Penetration jewelry was added to WoW until the 1.9 patch. In the fourth phase, the Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin will appear. In the fifth stage, we appear in the classics of World of Warcraft. The fifth stage of the classic update plan obviously does not add any new PvP content to the game, which is why it is not listed. In the sixth stage, we will directly see the arrival of the world's PVP target in the land of Silithus and Eastern Plague. But we have not yet got the exact release date of World of Warcraft Classic.

Stage 1 (WoW Classic Launch)

You can do PvP in each other in the world, but there is no tracking, and there is no formal reward for doing so.
Stage 2

Honor system (including disgraceful killings)
PvP level reward
Phase 3

Alterac Valley (Version 1.12 869)
Warsong Canyon
Stage 4

Arathi Basin
Stage 6

The goal of World PvP in Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands
As the release gets closer, more details will be announced.

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