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Blizzard: The mistake of the Battle of Azeroth is "something worth learning"

Blizzard: The mistake of the Battle of Azeroth is "something worth learning"

Posted time: Apr 04,2019

"World of Warcraft: The Battle of Azeroth" is caught in the core process, class design and other small controversial issues. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with game director Ion Hazzikostas to discuss the current state of World of Warcraft, what problems Blizzard had and how it solved the problem, and what the next major update was.


Ion Hazzikostas: Soon after, we will provide a large information dump for the community, when we will completely open the curtains. We will discuss more in the coming weeks from April to May. We took the players to Nazjatar and we took the players to the lost Mechagon. It's two separate outdoor areas that can take risks in prestige and progress, a massive multi-boss giant dungeon like Karazhan, but set in Mechagon, and of course Azshara's palace raid, and Azeroth. Heart improvements and many other support features.


 How do these areas compare to Argus in Legion Patch 7.3? Will there be new development systems, such as upgrading Vindicaar and further enhancing your Legion Artifact weapon?


 Looking ahead, we will continue to produce new Azerite features that are unique to the Azshara raid or Mechagon and can complement existing features, but armor will completely unlock these features and players can choose the game they want most. style. On the contrary, Azeroth's heart itself has a path to progress, so when you upgrade your heart, you will be able to acquire and choose new active and passive forces. When I say active, including the ability to choose an active ability, this is a type of key binding that is similar to your artifact activity, and really makes sense to instantly change your combat rotation. This is something we want to reintroduce the artifacts provided in the Legion.


Once we see how the next round of changes is received, I will notify you within a few weeks. But overall, I am very proud of what the team has done. We have been listening since the beginning and do our best. Identify early problems based on feedback and our own experience in playing games and seeing how things work. We made a series of targeted improvements in the Tides of Vengeance, which is the first time we have the opportunity to do something, such as adding the second ring's Azerite feature to make the personality features easier to get, add customization.... .. so people can mix and match. We have seen more system depth and engagement and good feedback on the mechanics of armor itself.


How will this experience affect the next expansion when you think about remixing and playing equipment again?


We designed the Azerite armor system to respond in many ways to the failure of the Legion Artifacts we saw. Legion Artifacts has great options and customizations, but it's very front-loading. This is one of those areas where players don't complain, but we see a lot and are seen as designers. Once you unlock the golden boundary features, you only need to put the artifact energy into a linear progression to provide you wow bfa boe items with a small incremental upgrade for the next year and a half. You didn't make any major choices, you are like all the other [punish] Paladins, because you all have the same completely unlocked Ashbringer. It feels like I missed our chance.


One of the major failures of our approach to designing a battle for Azeroth and testing it is that we waited too long in the process to get the Azerite armor and Azerite features to stand up completely during the test. We tested it internally and made sure they felt good, but we didn't give ourselves enough time to test to have a good feel for how we or the player played the game organically with wow gold at the highest level. Hit 120, complete the dungeon in a few weeks, upgrade your gear, and power up your artifact.

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