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World Of Warcraft Classic’s Demo Bugs Were Not Really Bugs at all

World Of Warcraft Classic’s Demo Bugs Were Not Really Bugs at all

Posted time: Mar 05,2019


As early as November last year, Blizzard has launched a time-limited demo of the classic World of Warcraft, which can be available for both ticket holders and virtual ticket holders. It turns out that those bugs players thought it had were actually the features of the original game.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft Classic aims to return players to Azeroth from 2005 to 2006, before the Cataclysm that altered the world forever. To demonstrate this, it is clear that players who focus on two areas at the time will remember that Barrens is a league for the Horde and Westfall. Although the demos exclude the classic dungeons, Deadmines and Wailing Caverns, you can still experience the unforgettable task of searching for Mankirk's wife.

The players were spawned into the demo at level 15 and scored a level cap of 19. You can choose any class available at the time, and each one played just as it did back then, incredibly faithfully it would appear.

During the demo, the players provided feedback and made bug reports. While some major issues have been resolved, including bugs affecting the Critical Strike rating, Rogue Energy and Slow Fall, many other issues have proven to be "features" of the original version of the game.

In the latest news from the community forum, community manager Kaivax shared some ideas, including some anecdotes about how World of Warcraft works. One of the main problems raised was that once the warlock began to summon a new demon, the old one disappeared. Although recent players are confused, Kaivax has confirmed that this is how the game worked.

World of Warcraft Warlock veterans may like (or not so fondly) remember to try to hide behind the rocks in order to summon a new demon, because your current disappearance makes you vulnerable for the duration of your summoning spell.

It looks strange now, but it highlights much the changes in the game over the years. Other weird "bugs" are actually game features, including “Kobolds at Jangolode Mine run faster than walking speed when running away."

Back to the simpler time is what the players have wanted for a long time, and finally Blizzard is offering. The success of this experiment remains to be seen, but we will wait until we find out.

World of Warcraft Classic is set to release this summer for those who subscribed to World of Warcraft. It will be released in four phases, covering content from Molten Core (March 2005) up to and including Naxxramas and the Scourge Invasion (June 2006). Gamers can get the cheapest wow gold online at igxe.com safely and quickly!


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