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World of Warcraft Item Levels Rises when Battle of Darzar'alor Opens

World of Warcraft Item Levels Rises when Battle of Darzar'alor Opens

Posted time: Jan 16,2019


When the next World of Warcraft raid launches, the most available gear in World of Warcraft: The Battle of Azeroth will increase dramatically. This means that the highest level of equipment acquired during the events, including PvP, emissary chests, Mythic+ dungeons and in the Battle for Dazar'alor raid will rise from 395 to 425.

Here's a complete breakdown:

  • Arathi Highlands warfront gear will remain the same ilevel
  • Darkshore warfront gear will go up by 15 ilevels and the enemy power will go up about 15%. Darkshore will also require 335 to enter
  • Emissary chest gear will scale up to 385 based on player ilevel
  • World Boss items will remain 355
  • Normal, Heroic and Mythic dungeon gear will rise by 30: Normal to 340, Heroic to 355 and 370 from regular Mythic. Enemy power will go up by 30% in Heroic and Mythic dungeons
  • Mythic+ gear will rise by 30
  • PvP Season 2 rewards from rated activities will go 30 ilevels higher including weekly conquest rewards
  • Azerite armor will have the fifth outer ring added
  • Players can buy 385, 400 and 415 pieces for Titan Residium (385 for 165; 400 for 675, 415 for 1725 and specific wow items for 7150)

According to the blue post, there will be "deep dive" posts about each of these features and others, but at the same time, you can check out the posts on the World of Warcraft forum. You can also buy other game items at igxe.com.

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