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Five Things You Can't See in World of Warcraft v8.1 in December

Five Things You Can't See in World of Warcraft v8.1 in December

Posted time: Nov 28,2018


As we already knew, Blizzard is preparing to launch v8.1  “Tides of Vengeance” into World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth. Although players will find a lot of content in the first part of 8.1, many people may also expect the usual raids, dungeons, higher iLevel loot, etc. They may be disappointed to find that many of the "big ticket" items from 8.1 actually will not be released on December 11th.

Let's take a look at the five things that we will not see when the Tides of Vengeance finally arrives.

Raids & Mythic+ Affix “Reaping”


During the BlizzCon 2019 in the World of Warcraft What’s Next panel, the developers said that the next raid, Battle for Dazar'alor will not be part of the December 8.1 content release. It is said that the delay in its release is to allow the guilds and groups to continue to iterate through the current raid, Uldir. This means that there will be no iLevel increase throughout Battle for Azeroth until the Dazar'alor raid is open.

The Battle of Azeroth also introduced a new Mythic+ mechanic, the new seasonal affix. The season 1 affix, Infested, is currently active and places a G'huun's parasite in the hands of a certain number of non-boss enemies. And the Season 2 affix will be themed after Bwonsamdi and called “Reaping”. Its effect is to cause all defeated enemies to rise from the dead and swarm the adventuring party at every 20% completed of the dungeon.

PvP Season 2


Normally, when the new raid content releases patches such as x.1, x.2 etc., the next season of PvP is coming. However, earlier this week, Blizzard developers announced that the Season 2 will not begin until January 2019, though a more specific start date is not known yet.

New Allied Races


After the Dazar'Alor raid, the Zandalari Trolls and the humans of Kul Tiras will join their respective factions at some point. While players have been waiting for the opportunity to unlock them for a long time, especially with the Zandalari, which was advertised before the Mag’har Orcs for the Horde, Blizzard thought the impact of the story was more important than the gameplay in this particular case.

With Dazar'Alor becoming the final push for the new friends of the Alliance and the Horde to claim their places in the factions, players will have to wait until 8.1.5 to get their hands on those newcomers.

Fifth Azerite Gear Ring


Azerite Gear is considered one of the weakest components of Battle for Azeroth, since many players feel that the "bonuses" offered are underwhelming. To help alleviate the player's perception of the effectiveness of Azerite gear, Blizzard announced that the wow items acquired post-8.1 will feature a fifth ring of traits that developers believe will have a significant impact on players based on specific traits. 

However, when 8.1 is released on December 11, players will not be able to acquire or find higher level iLevel gear. This will not be arriving in game until January when the the Battle for Dazar’alor raid opens. In addition, the fifth ring will only appear on gear found after that time and will not be retroactive.



It is always a hot topic to be unable to fly in recent expansions. There is no doubt that flying will not be coming to Battle for Azeroth in Tides of Vengeance. However, the "Pathfinder Part 2" elements may be included in 8.1, although at this point we don't know which ones will be showing up or when.

To be fair, there will be a lot of new things on December 11th, including the new warfront on Darkshore, improvements to island expeditions, new vendors, class changes and more. However, the list of things not included is very long and requires at least a 3-part release schedule that you can check out at WoWhead.

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