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World of Warcraft Celebrates The International Talk Like A Pirate Day

World of Warcraft Celebrates The International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Posted time: Sep 20,2018


September 19th is the international Talk Like A Pirate Day,  and the World of Warcraft is celebrating with some special limited time in-games events and wow items.

As part of the Talk Like A Pirate Day celebration in World of Warcraft, players can visit the Booty Bay, which has been overrun by pirates, including the likes of Captain DeMeza. By dancing with Captain DeMeza, players can unlock pirate costumes and receive the quest "You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!" DeMeza will also sell a a temporary pet to World of Warcraft players in the form of Petey the parrot to complete the appearance of the pirate.

The quest "You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!" will see the players killing sharks to collect shark teeth for DeMeza's necklace in exchange for Emergency Pirate Outfit. However, they will also have to face a powerful shark boss named Ol'Eary, which will definitely require a competent and cooperative team of players. Ol'Eary may not be as daunting as the Whale Shark found in Vashj'ir, but he will still conduct a decent fight.


Once the players complete the quest, they will be invited to check out the beach just south of Booty Bay. Once arrving there, they can buy the Big Bag of Booty with   300 coins from Captain DeMeza, and they can also purchase the Jolly Roger toy with 10 coins from Edward Techt.  

World of Warcraft has been celebrating the festivals with special in-game activities basically since its inception, so it's no surprise that players can get access to exclusive content on International Talk Like A Pirate Day. This latest in-game event is very hot after the heels of Battle for Azeroth becoming the fastest-selling expansion in World of Warcraft's history, so it is safe to say that there will be millions of players participating in today's festivities.

In the future, fans of World of Warcraft can expect the game to celebrate some other upcoming holidays too, with special events will be held for Halloween and the Christmas season. More details about these events and what they will bring will be discovered in the coming months.

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