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Plenty of Mounts Are Included in The Battle for Azeroth Expansion

Plenty of Mounts Are Included in The Battle for Azeroth Expansion

Posted time: Apr 04,2018


Data miners have been working hard recently to find all the new features that will be included in the World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeroth expansion. And they have managed to discover many unannounced features, ranging from quests to creatures and possibly even additional Allied Races.

People who carefully observe game's file can also find many references to new mounts. Plenty of new mounts have already been found to be included in the new expansion - Battle for Azeroth.

Most recently, data miners have discovered that a new variant of the Fel Bat will be served as a mount in the expansion. To be more specific, people at WowHead have discovered a new model for a mount known as the Forsaken Fel Bat, which appears very ferocious and players should be able to turn their heads while flying with this monster. It doesn't seem to be the most accommodating creature, but it's just serves to make it stand out even more from the many mounts included in the game.

In any case, if World of Warcraft players do not like the Forsaken Fel Bat, then there are several other mounts included in Battle for Azeroth that may be better for them.

The Basilisk PvP mount is also on the ferocious side, and it seems to be able to take a bite out of opponents who get in the way of its rider. The same is going for the Clefthoof PvP mount, although it is primarily meant to be a load-bearing beast, in a pinch, it can also be effectively used during battle.

The Giant Bee mounts are a bit disturbing, but the fascinating movement of their wings makes it seem like riding them should be fun. Taking to the skies is similarly possible with the Vulture mounts. The Bloodfeasters are also capable of flight, although players may remember that their appearance is the best, as they look like truly frightening arachnids.

Continuing to present a scary-looking mounts trend, Crawg mounts' faces are full of sharp fangs and tusks that look like they can tear through almost anything.

Brutosaurs are significantly less frightening than the mounts that have already been mentioned above, and they may be able to provide rides to more than just one player  at one time.

Next up are two Goblin creations that are on the cutting edge of the Cool Frontier. The first one is a hovercraft and the other is called the Goblin Head. The Goblin Head is very special because it obviously comes with a built-in drill and machine gun.

Players who want to travel fast may want to  take a ride on one of the Hyena mounts that can quickly cover the ground, or the frog mounts that can use their strong legs to leap great distances. The Raptor mounts also provide great mobility.

Two more flying mounts are expected to be added in the new expansion are the colorful parrots and the battle-ready Proto-Drakes. And more Battle for Azeroth mounts would be discovered in the coming weeks and months, and the expansion itself will be released for World of Warcraft on or before September 21.

Are you interested in those mounts? Will you play World of Warcraft when Battle for Azeroth releases in September? Let us know in the comment section and welcome to visit our site IGXE to get cheap wow gold online.


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