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World of Warcraft’s Seething Shore Battleground Is Now Live on NA Servers for a Limited Time

World of Warcraft’s Seething Shore Battleground Is Now Live on NA Servers for a Limited Time

Posted time: Feb 28,2018


The World of Warcraft team promised that there would not be any year-plus drought of contents in this time between between expansions this time around between the end of Legion and the launch of Battle For Azeroth. They've really been keeping their promise, between allied races getting ahead of their expected launch date, questlines leading us into BFA, and lot of things left to do on Argus, and now it's rolling out a brand-new battleground: Seething Shore.

North American players can now line up for the brand new battleground - The Seething Shore. The battleground is considered one of the precursors of the upcoming Battle of Azeroth expansion and sees players opposing against the opposite faction to claim that Arizrite, a new resource that can permanently change the face of the Azeroth. The Battleground will only be available for one week in each region and will be released in its final form with the expansion.

The Seething Shore is a bit like a control map in the vein of Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm, but at a faster pace. Geysers of Azerite, the mysterious substance that began oozing out of the ground after Sargeras pierced Silithus with his sword, will swell to the surface at random points, and your team must dig it before the other team can. Once a node is mined, a new one will be generated somehere else. This should provide for a more dynamic experience than some other battlegrounds.

This is the first new battleground to be added to the game since Mists of Pandaria‘s Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines. While the battleground can only now be available as a brawl, meaning it will only be available within the next six days, it is expected to be added to the permanent rotation in Battle For Azeroth.

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