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World of Warcraft Rumors: Data-Miners Found More Items That May Be Included in the Next Expansion

World of Warcraft Rumors: Data-Miners Found More Items That May Be Included in the Next Expansion

Posted time: Sep 26,2017


It may be a little early for the World of Warcraft players to search for the next major expansion, but that is definitely has kept some dedicated fans from trying to find some clues.

The latest findings were found by MMO Champion user "Marlamin" and some friends. After managing to get a closer look at some of the files that hidden behind the encryption key, the data-miners discovered references to some mounts.

More specifically, references to a mount named "raptormount_v2" and another that was possibly called as Seabraid Stallion were found. Obviously, there was also a battle pet found that could end up being named "Tottle." Shortly after the  findings were posted, other fans chimed in to suggest that those may be more indicators of the upcoming expansion.

This is not the first time that some datamining finds were identified as a potential element for the next big World of Warcraft expansion. As early as in July, people in Wowhead also shared some interesting things hidden in the early Public Test Realm build for Patch 7.3.

One of the interesting discoveries is a set of armor named after Kul Tiras. In addition, the pieces of armor themselves seem to be shedding more light on what may be coming next to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

After closer inspection the armor, players may see something that looks like a map, a map that may even be offering an early look at the new zone that will be included in the next expansion.

For now, the developers have not yet provided any solid indicators of what will be included in the next expansion, but the player will have a pretty good chance of finding any new clues.

More information about the next expansion and any other additions coming to World of Warcraft should be provided in the near future.

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